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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine • Page 2

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine • Page 2

Bangor, Maine
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A I I Dr WHnm.orBraw«r toMLM MmiLV i IV ueonilpu a i unrwmr, unt I pnwud Slant tie Pacific Vollt of pole. tbatobed wift fWm. H. JtOOat mo iT.isei and Courier DOUBLE Jollars Bounty nlmtfcera. Tbe cracks between the polea up with olay Where 3.

and th. walls artalknrad to aall papers Col. BUeM. Accept, hi. Cam- M-ttltmur.

it their rwnieTM on 6th itreeL U.I. afternoon, it? oTMV Pr Pme JWpborrlu, Milt, Oi Condenwd A Worcester-hire and Soyer Sauce Guava Jelly yer Very TIEN MORE MKX i MORE ME WANTED ttfenjCM 1 gT (wk th? j- to nj orders from head 18M--Weekly quarters. Wheltever the army winters man TERIfB OF ADVERTISING: can ba hm own trtiilecl, without utoumcg rate 01 CTOTWIHS AdTertfaemMts, whan tlml of insertion li mot speoullr designated, wUl' b. ooatlnned udtll othnwln ordered For ths )ut months immense stores of ordnaAniand ammunition ban been in the arfenil at Tbe folio wig are the feun. and howiUers, TIT run carriages mi oaidiiu, 58 traveling and 000 fbr ftx soldiers, 1.124,900 rounds for moon ted mUXica, 61 S06 rounds fcr fie bat teriee, 1 rounds for garrison and sea- I Li Du4irtrt.

CATABnorHB AT KnutBuma, Soor- COFIT Yesterday afttmoon, Jotta fcr hUkiuf and BD BEa stor. REDUCED fcr letd, th. Joru.nTo, he the Snpieort Court for want of ba.l he wu The dslasge doifc is Ynuneose The YHI oomnMttad fannera have -ijjeml great low ly the drown- to were bnrat al St Stephens: last Tuesday sight POTTTM f'S'SP at oo SSTSL'Sf 001 Salad DmBrine, afiuoroom Ketchup Union and Royal gaaee Italian Maecaront Robibaona Patent Barley and Lrroate Arrow Root Citron HABLOW, No 4 Smith i Block Twenty Able Bodied FANCY DISHES! stories in I High street, sudden ft 1, burying nearly the whole it the inmates ID the The houe Was several Tht W4ole war onc, tul lapsing inmrvs, 42 bodies hare taken oat dead, and about of building was densely p4pni.led. and it 13 estimated thai qot lew than 1100 ptople matt dwelt there estimated at over half a Million of dollars and Freeman MeOflirery, of Stockton, Captain Mi upon all th people of th. city Com mum wrGOT rtaTgaiQS I Edwin Dow.

ol Portland, 1 rt Lieutenant catlon nianj Ulcul off and butineia ch TM PTMprt.t» 6 8mrtk 1 i 'i 0 fro. Ch TM tm New Year's Present 0 Smith, I'aowain wnii-l Enos Hardy was urday last, "bile skiing Lojio Confectionery, Ice Cream, FOR PABTIE3 AND ASSEMBLIES, rSunilar gtjle to Boston and New Tfork "yy Ee -J i up Fancy Dishes, Conleetloo' New York and Boston manufactories to supplrFar AssemfilEea or even ns Entertainments, at a very low price and can get them up cheaper than if manufacturer it home The lollowinB art some of the shea--Neau iiViSJ--! do Jf Candy 'U 1 fi 1 up Capla n. camp Thscompaui a tic Ke.nment. Col Frank 'company of the Recent vL bodied mtn need applj oae FiTil, OlIBIT.tttlBat A lettem from Fort Xn JTaaoe or War, on or OnrOak.lhe esgi. of tte free, Brlcht of Co umbia'a glory Bball tell to Doming aan tke itory, Bow, itout of heart, and strong of hand, The of our atlve land Bore it, the nution's hope life, On tented field, 'mid fearfld atnte.

Still on! till through the lulphuroua It broke in triumph. Treaaop'. shroud yiaeps, Kewioi; Bird! ftrou-ht 0 qmcu-rr Th. Wegrap(, Worked on Aho-' S20 000 bedn for tfd from H.lifw to Ellington one oan wll snBerers at by 1 ral TO ct8 fr. Unuou, 1 Je.

without a tr.ak ThU oaly done Wier the fcw.bte^it.0* of th.w«(li of th. oity o5r.rto.riI e. aad ja honor of th 1 te ClaSS Thread Store 1 pa at tLc cf uCet There The News from Abro-id yinf he tact th the ling some c-r the sbelhi thrown by the rnemy, twi ciflodrd and kilted men abd Wonoded several ythers This oocurreU tb It fled and sanded more tban the A BAH Our Through the loop ho es of Fort 1 Lafeyijtte. A young; nfedical student, who h4 been irewed Ten hard at hn piaminatKm fbraduilB. ie numerous put AT-If.

I 56 Maon Street. Brackett if BangorJ aged i5 yean, late ol the Ml Cl TM ornnfiaiioni the propl. gen- bng ilmir el in the. funeral procession of the witnessed i -iy Uov WasbodrS has appo nted Hoi "ty Wocdbu.y, ol Sweden, JuJg. tf Prob.le fcr DM steamer dblden Age has wiled Oxford County, of rlou Sli.h.

Wtntw. 40 1J ni TO 8860,000 treasure Among her To so non Tlw Judge. i.0«.er.l a.eU,. who tlc pfotisions the ConeltnisSon, SepUmbtr Brigadier Generalih leaii'red him I SPECTAL ufiH uo i-jramia ol MBsen Candy da Jlaeearoni do oerman Wafer do Charlotte dJftus Basket, Fro.t tocoaao Charlotte de KLiTii tt nd do A month and Bat berrjand 1 ns Apple etrawberrrshe Wt ET A le du lobster and Ciiekeo SK 01 8 ga'Sn Bjln bea 9 1 111 Vie are also prep irfd to lurnisli CELEHV IB to uit fur ads or for the table Cal Duckworth's, Pmonjilock JJam Street Boston Music School. I yHE Winter Term of Twelve weeks will com A meoce on MUMM1 January 6 IS62 at Hal JVo i Building Summer Sin a Thii Institut on rated in Maj 18j- ubtedly the degree of hostile feeling whichj bot still it appeirs almost certain that the English govern mmt has determined to regard the seizure of Messrs Mason and Slidell a violation ol international law, and to demand their natoration to A few pea.

very Ma Received per Boat, i bch IMM. uuvrov Muifiu jou auopi lo produce a copious A long brttth, he oh ervedt Jung, hi. uxmld haw Ou palunt tj-omwKif btfort the mtitical taciety TKIB BTB British protection "nob The evasion upon th demand is baaed would (according to the London Times and the Post) to be Je follows that! although by the laws of nations, we bad the, right to visit ami torch the Treat for con traband, we had no right "to arrest passengers Bailing undfcr the flag." anil tbe T.mea farther that is the opinion of the law of of the crowa that he right of the Federal acting by i officers, was confined to rwitiog ahd heirohmg the mail picket, and if men or thmgi behevd to have hi.en contra of had been fojnd on ird of her, the proper Bourse take her port, rahmit tjo a prue i uurt, which would hear the evidence and arguments on both and hkve dtcided the nccorumg to precedent the author ins I The press of tht If oiled has been nearly the op that the nrrest of the oommiesicuers wMs entirely accorxlatace iwtlh our belhgerant ngh and wi think go But the question not one fjr thi newa- papers lo decide pur government will undoubtedly review all the authority and evidence iotke cue, with tbe inostl scrupalous care, and then decide as international law the honor of our country If HJe furiner does not sustain the act ol, will be no derogation of the alter to disavow that act. If the seizure was right, tin-re be but one -orirse In a aunOKyiSchool tbe Itacber oF a was discussing td the children on the beauty of loe as developed whose leader was Christ, whei hfc aaktd Who are our eaemeia I A lad, wha supposed the teWcher the question 3 ta antworcd, ow a ttauiv Toice I 'Thb SAHTOE A3L One report of the past in formed ua ibil 'the rtbels claim lo the walls tf pol-t hclens, while from alotbtr we gathered that 13 the new Skat of government! Cbntress is now Rcpainog there another, (here appears a good deal patihing going on among them which IB E3t toJbejWaadered at commferini that they wear put seats of gtrfernment soj fast, 'Is Mr Brown a of lira FiulMon, reternng lo oitlo of niver saiistl Levefe. f( the Trn ng 1 A squad of tinder rajli Clayton oeiteU 0 1 1 Ub lliankf TI At or TIB- passed (hrougb here oo Wedneal.y, the l.Bt.

we i (-- Piano Forto a belioe of one hundred fiat Lave left 'W -A. ixT I Sl Freeque and DeidbbonHj; ttwns loin the i to I i i Mh -HoS ltan 0 A rpe ir rf BeT(ttl We4k3 lllt 'TM a office P.Htad $316. Bar The Porthnd saytthst the 1st F.TJl'i.HJ" 1 0 'i'n 0 'l or li tho OYSTFRS' preset of worship, and 7 tfeloW, i A JfiKh Term, I wctks, lessonj pet weel, a i a a No Granite Block ourner and State I lUwlmTM' 5 -t The whole ooantry ml, juijtam the fn refusing al) ado logy dr filiation or it If fcllowa it ill be by the act of FogWd and our people will accept jt, strong the con- agood c.iae character of the present contest 11 in that cane immediate ly chioge uto a war for Repub icun mstiRitiona the element both in this country and Euiope It mil be euch can ert If we are bea en, sontet we Jbs 11 na be m.tef from Europe-Jn at bpnie shall be more united thsn nw' an I can million men if neeenary th.governjaeot.h^uldukemtaaore., to com- rilwt aid laka defence, dur Inj Ue winter nonths Ireland, haie the followmg resolutions' Hetolvid, Thai the present jail is latuffiuqnt and that another ougbjt to luih Jtnalled That tbe materials of Ibe oil be employed cons ructmt the new cue Rtiotttil Thai tie lolJjiilsh. I natbetaUn uown until naw one oe finuaet, 1 -Ah' am sorry for thw tt peeve its my gome South mud an the other day, dmmg a club in Ptiladeliilm, by mutation -they tell me, he continued, -that tbe American gentleman Is only lobe Soul How ihst Canyoueaplsm -I can't, 1 replied his host, no more to be explained than the statement so often Chat there are genllemen in EOR land, but tia( done of them ever com- to this -Doctor, Bf.d an old luly tbe other 0 her family phywciao. -Km jou (ell ma how it Is hat some fcllfc are dumb T' -Way eno i why, eerUmly, mt-laai riijinl Doctor owing the that they csme into the liorld i the piwer of sjeech -La me jemarked i veaiied mr a same Klllag Iheir present 0 of worship, and 7 building another, firther I a an estimi tt oc nt Tlokataal tin Joor ar ted cost of from 000 OfJo Segoti.

twos are now tori besluliful lot cm Special Stfiaillbliat NotlC6 a Imie below tit liaptiBl tburch loforidatnin having been givea on wtjnrsdiy, to the Committee taJirs this oily, that soldiers of 3 'Ith Mairie The Btaww SASCORP will mate her need of T.tlZJXL?!'*TMTM...^2". a OB1 T' A OF nTHUl.TI» I BAK.E1 I i i I A btlllJMVE TCFTB tui part cularj ad lr UrTB WJLLUil TM. Annual Mutual Marine Insurance Comp A I a a Mutual War no at three clock 111 of tee, a i transaction of such other busmesji at iTiU) cm PUbTER tie Store formerlj occupied Clark A Lord II IIAV.I i Dt st lho Vejl1 Banlfby II UU "re'sof FLOLR, hel i A a tmall lotCUEajS a xmall lut of A PLoflR 00 p-r Month and Sa' Saved Hations S3 00 per MCMH' $100 Bounty at the Close of Beoruitmg Office Lpper Sn (vale- It CHiSE Rscriz a (j er Patronize Home Manitjadun BOOTS AND SHOES Manuiactured to order and Warrantee a No. 6, Main S-reet W. HANSON the ut VujiFt ur at lIILL'ci SALOON HAMLIN BATTERY tr MUSIC BOOK I By LOWELL and WH MASOIf.

uity. that of 3 aud 'Ith Ma.rie SASCORP will mate her UST now at Port tere need Af If rtbf fr orl Hlnterptrt their 9 rkilmg rewurcrs and on ITnJsj, morning Bt I i TAYLOR, "ffspiiargecsse. well filiedwull blankets I fo te 11 FndiBg: It leave, 1. -E. aid I BMBT, Augusta, Bee 16th, IbCl Pleasef to attend tt tl em JSJtfor HFIying Art llery! Capt.

O. HOUHD HILL WATEB CUBE, In Northampton Ma Open Summer and ttinfer Dr the treatment of a a ajase well known The cure is speeay and re, Th on beds evsn are Boon TMal led to walk Orcr ur hundred Ib your paper of today. noV before me, I noi rumcr that a memblr of Ke i -ij-t SS. Tompk na 4 Morns deolfi tfl 8. the mertt has seen i i atteuittng to pass the gtarl No such event has burred There Times 3r.

have heen had circular "uorne 1 a For sale 1 en 1 Pullishcu at a i per.e Nev rt MASON BROTHERS A i FLOUR PORK, LARD, 50Hhds Prune JIu- ha. heeuao death among tbon musiered I GOOD MEN nnil not i ro4r b.s, yet, oc Durmw itl UivoStiUDito-Th. fol Are wanted to all thi, Compam a i i citi I( jJ Everytli ng qule rii 1 TM" 1 fe jHrllng tnow ciu per nth JjTP Fuxee Dr" mW Unt? H' 1 1 Dollars A Wane of ib Slates A fe.lmsof fbr W. been fUced commit m.l.t.J "TM Je1 to 1 Officer CAMWIOM Th. Washington correspondent of York Pol says it is generally onderstood that the aerioui fighting of tto winter win KejntuoV, and along theSosthsrn co, 9 A prominent member of go 'eroment remarked, evening, there "would besomeharJ tig or tall mail ona of the jotton State, within I ty days It now leheved that, i thlcx of

there .,11 n.k,,-, WMhing OB atat hi. force becDm4 m. 3iused by further at troops upon the Southern it thitan MI act would jThose persons who hang acoet. lo upinioo, 1 thftt ujhtmg uur HaJ tif a exceedingly reined and -m Bpeaks of his militairy mo iitimate friends, and slill tie war and the in i No one ha- heard i Wdoi these 4nbj(Kts A httle hearing It said that she was bora on the Quota's birthHijn, took no notice of it at the time, bit I daj qt two after asked her father lif she and -hl Queen twins Joey Oowgehhum, ah actress who has become somewhat Mutinous bal refnsej to plat at a San Franaisco ttieilne oa Stfnday nights She pob- lisbt. cart.

ID which Ihe says -I would rath er be I deprived of my engagement-which was hundred arattevenly one dollars uigfat (gntM to act 1 An Irishman; Jas abogt to Southern rrlfcrherprpptrlj. ill you isfco ihu to be wife'' asksd jour the to0j rat It I. relaW 4f Ihe'gril th(lt 0 of remarked. ly wact liuls povwtv sir to nukt a ,1 unler aiaiio.ea at uelroOl A reg. will be loxated dvHwgs at A LocHport SB Harbors add Fort wout- gotnery at Poibt.

willjba occupied bv -l fcrl i uooer ur eare wfio lre of Cn ted Sta lafantry wuhin TM.ior»j M- lmf a few days, tbe pqt in a of dufense, andnald. In the town MH gDDi nrt.lic.ble of Undson thi, aoanly joor, jfflftfc iiiliilL dwffi lw iloHH B- I.OWRBV No i Hen or RentV JUSEPfl OARLlNrt 0 'TM? 1 lae aroy toward Baogor inn. 3r 8 1 Il 'r IW C-rtl-Vn-pr-TM H-OMLt, 1 briCVt, tTM. 0 i a nt1 1.w^r 3T-r T. J- Stewart 1 bj I) BDdBEE CO Capt, Anson B.

Spinney, J- KANSAS his just arrived town as Re criming (jfDcer for tbe 2d Kansas THIS OFFBHS RARE INDUCEMENTS to U.TM wjo old like to st in the cavalry ser 1)T i' PPOrtllmt V1St Bounty, Extra Half Pay and Pensions, A X'i SO ken the thce recently occupied hi Adjutant tjiner.U i with his i Rw Mll and unBn, illieiJ aett. I am prepared 1 mplcte the pros 1 eciltjon i I lairag entru ted tohltn an(l recover holdierd I tht present war and tbe wid uwa and ha ra ol time the amttnb to wlilcatbe) i law entitlod 1 nformatloD in relation to thrtKe serrice fr Hn thm Mate oan he had. on apj 1 eat un personallj ur lj letter to me ALPBED VfiAZH; I Ueo A laaiioliint Bangor wen JOHf tluDSDoi Adjutant tianeraf i Banpr Ueo 9 1861 Do lIIe Eltra Buckwheat gart and Tubs Lard boxc boicc Hall kerosene and Whale 0 1 Bud for sale low bj GEO LADD CO I WRITING A A 1 Open and EVENING at No a a 1R FESbEMIFN mpjrt a ureu rlc rf cct a) leoient a ofPeninau and secures afree ea.j a iractfu a rapid tj ofeiecut on a i i lereois A fiif 0 at rncc a to tht attent on of the Mr 0 hare hereto ore attended their ifloris under he etruc ion a a loeipcrienced WBSona siven at private res if rr re For Winter Travel! Sled-- new App i at nd Central I in it fi upoik Thla IA. certify WBBTOTT QHJ ror 1 i i mate 0 ,0 5r jJjrST ft TM 1 011 1 tbtt CrJaS i rt nll TM' MI 1 flJWoat Maraet Bquar. 1 lo iw pr ce a Thermome FLOIR inMrmm A I IF ROOTS FOR 1" ery 1 wtiola, eaeilj m.d.

i and with sltgbt expense For saLa by 1" bRADBDHT defi) WeKeru lot XX FLOI(R A ATWuOlJ in prai rn. 8t. On th. day the 5 A Qodet tjdvij Booit and Eal ilhly at A Uarlow Block A. BARTLETTS.

1 narluw Bluet oa a Ut oat at mtrk rf anff vucn M. w. hu. --rTlXX JJLXXK' HVMIIIH -K Mtttral W.^d.^i.t* rf -1 j.

i lfc4 ffi UHD POttTBarTBj tf ptomlwit el Jjrto.o( 1 1 Bbeat r.ATBJU. 1KB 4 CO smnr. Dental OLD ANBTIM AMD KlriEaat, TEETH h. larxeit auortmeotof Tr.Ji.awi ererj. tblne (n the Denial line, this tide or Botton mav owe (bunt! at Koston prloea.

Otden mllol ted oars Tobacco and Cigars. 'I1UK ChnslaiTohaoeet al A. 1 ALSO 500 PANT MAKERS, Wanted Immediatsh at No 6 Smith's Block M. GILLIGAN DIVIDEND. A i Navteatio.

1 un dematKl alter tenth t. Eanfor Dn ise. nc Stems. Volunteers: Volurwers! I "1P.T»» ci Capt Sawyer's Compaav FOUKfEfilsTH HtGIMEvT I.

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