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The Bangor Daily News from Bangor, Maine • 2
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The Bangor Daily News from Bangor, Maine • 2

Bangor, Maine
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2 FOE NEWS WANT ADS DIAL 6441 THE BANGOR DAILY NEWS MONDAY OCTOBER 3 1932 AROOSTOOK BAR VETERAN DIES $WSK BLAZE ON ARREST NEGRO MAINE PRAISED LIKE OLD TIMES PATTEN STREET IN THE THAYER BY A LEADER IN UNION STATION 1 OBITUARYTj BOMB OUTRAGE Lieut Col Walter Maybee Bar Harbor (xpress in Alarms Get Mixed and Ap-l paratus Goes in All Visits Local William Spear Oldest Practicing Member in County TONIGHT At the Opera House: Blessed Event with Lee Tracy At the New Bijou: Chandu the Magician with Edmund Lowe At the Park: Hearts of Humanity with Jean Hersholt At the Olympia: Love in Hith Gear with Harrison Ford At the Chateau: Fight pictures At Foley Ballroom: Dancing At Society Ballroom: Dancing At Midway Pavilion (Oronoj Dancing At Orono Town Hall: Dancing Three Sections Over 400 Passengers MISS BLANCHE MORSE Bangor friends will regret to learn of the death of Miss Blanche Gertrude Morse who died recently in San Antonio Texas ing is a distinct shock to the man friends of the family in this vlcinit Besides her husband and two sisf previously mentioned Mrs Monashi is survived by two brothers £li McReavy of Minneapolis Miln WORCESTER Mass Oct (AP S3 year old Harlem negro who told police he had carried the dy- Yesterday was one of the busiest Funerii services were held In Hagy Herbert McReavy of Wellesley vt nnrl lSWnllum'x Chanel with Father I VS moral orvU 1 i Special to The Bangor Daily News) FORT FAIRFIELD Oct Wil at i on i i mmm wi-M ncic I If i Lt Col Walter Maybee of New York city head of the young people work in the eastern division of the United States declared last night Monariy oniciaung ana mienneni days of the year at Bangor Union Station Maine Central officials estimated that more than four hundred passengers were aboard the "Bar Harbor Express" when it left here at liam Spear 80 president of the was in the Mission burisl grounds late home in Wellesley Saturdav af ernoon and the body taken to iw Hill for cremation Miss Morse is survived by a brother that conditions in Maine as fax as James Homer Morse and a half brother Charles Morse of Due to the corrosion of the wheels nj to bomb Judge Webater an style Are alarm box In jy- home WM rrested tonight Walter street Saturday morning CDtlrge of vagrancy aa police in-there wa a mlxup of alarm the fire te wht they termed their t2alarm system registering boxes 34 35 The boHamed are widely! most promising clue to the attempt separated but one box did the trick to kill Judge Thayer of mussing up the alarms The box p0ice refused to disclose what was repaired and is now In working jmmM niton of New York the negro order had told them However Pelton told The alarm was rung for a brisk Boston gturdaV- where he was he could learn were much better P- Ior rnnaaeipnia than in other state In his territory i Tuning from Ellsworth He declared that Portland would have arrived here in three sections and MRS JOSEPH TOURTILOTTE CALAIS Oct 2-Mrs joseDl Tourtllotte 75 one of the victim the automobile accident whirh" Aroostook County Bar association and oldest practicing attorney in point of service in Aroostook county died Saturday at his home after a short illness He was one of the Democratic leaders of Aroostook county and served four years as registrar of pro QUICK GLANCE AT LOCAL LINES MISS EMMA A HINKLEY JONESPORT Oct Funeral serv curred at Topsfteld about three wt had seventeen extra Pullmans in ad- dition to three regular sleepers be- sides one private cay carrying tees were held Thursday afternoon at 8go died at the Chipman Hnsrm 9 Ik lot ko fnr Xllx I It 4 I the 2 from the late home for Miss at 48 Patten street at 9: a tictsv4v that nm httA HH- the hardest time this coming winter of all Maine cities and towns in caring for unemployed men and women Lt Col and Mrs Maybee are a result of her injuries four years old girl having started 'h'u York Dixon and party Ellsworth to Phila- bate from 1885-89 was deputy collec wait il via iug-w WV3 WUIJ Emma A Hinkley who passed away i a fXi I IK IP WUU UBHCU wT JU IS 1 1)11111 IOI I nart flre by playing with matches In her Worccstf which cnled the dy aeipnia i ne Sleeping cars were con- Itpma of (Pnrral IntPrPSt tw i nniitnn fnr uj nL iimH x- TOn rrsi St Stonhon fnr in the front room The tene- clMloH lt tn train hr rith ac nauKuaj "mis mcv charming couple They have contrib- vov 0410 inn wivu mm vj form I t- ik nt I 1 rl at house was occupies oy nan and other families The uted much of fine music and singing UfiZt UP "ere 1 -7? ZZcSZ wm rTpet tTtearnTf her T' to the programs held at the Bangor ton ten ta Philadelphia and eight to About the Citv Mr Spear was the oldest son of one of its oldest lifelong residents is survived bv her hustami 1 Sc ling child made her escape Jrom namite Felton was Uken to the Thayer home where police said he showed familiarity with the surroundings Felton was once an inmate of a mental hospital In New York police said crib after starting the fire and Railroad ofTiriaU that in ail i i the late Rubin and Martha She was born in Jonesport October and two daughters Harry and intBS probability the numherof' paLengeTs The Ubby Cl of the Essex Street US' Lf "JXl 2 Fat He lived in handled yesterday on this train will church will meet Monday night with be the larsrest for the season Two Mrs Altoia White 150 Cumberland wish ssumnj sttiu uuv umiic swss vuoi ica OaniOtd tin ley and was the last of this family Mrs Metcalf of Wrentham May diners were put in service for the 1 street which was one of the pioneer families 'of this vicinity During her awakened her father who was -asleep 23n another room He found the front room filled with Smoke and the flames making great headway A telephone message was Jrst sent to the central flre station and a piece of apparatus was sent: Mown but when the boxes began to extra accommodation of passengers GEORGE BURTON motiiHi -k tl BIRD BEATS THE GUN IN BANGOR younger life she taught In the West are orcle of 01 Jonesport school for a number of Ior numoc U1 friends reeret the Salvation Army Saturday night and Sunday Lt Col Maybee was until last fall soloist for Commander Evangeline Booth of the Salvation Army and last fall toured Europe with her in this capacity Lt Col Maybee was formerly editor of the War Cry official organ of the Salvation Army While In Europe he was press representative for Commander Booth's party Lt Col Maybee has an exceptionally fine tenor voice He had sung over the radio a great deal especially over stations in Atlanta Oa Mrs Maybee is an accomplished musician and nlavs number of instruments years since which time she has de- uii ZZ A meeting of the board of managers of the Kings' Daughters Home wil be held at the Home Wednesday at three o'clock The Past Noble Grands Association will meet In the Odd Fellows The express will make two more trips westbound on Sundays October I and 16th East bound two more trips from Washington Philadelphia and New Yon to Bangor and Ellsworth will be voted her energies to the upkeep of on n'T hom' yard February 19 1853 New Portland until August 1862 when his parents removed to Fremont Plantation now known as Easton They settled on a new lot and lived on a farm until 1869 untU they purchased another farm in Easton in March 1894 Starting out life like many another farmer's boy Mr Spear did not have the benefit of a public school education until after he became 20 years of age His education began in the fall of 1873 when he attended i term of high school ih this town ring for three separate locations there ms a rush of flre spparatus to dlf- Jercnt points all Anally finding their Partridge a Suicide in Lin- tne om nomestead and farm Miss fminn "wesasv Hinkley is survived by nine nieces wp nf! gray to the scene oi tne nre roe nre worsea us way uj trie made on Saturdays October and Hall at Orrington Wednesday Oct 15th This extended Pullman service 5th All members are urged to at-in effect this year connecting Bar tend coin St Home on Season's Opener floor of the house and a line or was laid upstairs to check it A Mrs Mansfield Mrs Prank 0clock on Frktay VftemoT two Church Mrs David Mitchell Mrs John Faulkingham Mrs A Mans- C14ii field of Jonesport Mrs DiskoL sakah STAPLES of Belfast the Misses Lena and Myr- SEARS PORT Oct Mrs Sarah tie Rumery of Gardiner and Mrs Staples 84 died Saturday at her race Rumery of Augusta and one home in Searsport Harbor after be i irio In 111 Vufllik Harbor and vicinity with metropolitan MR rge collection of miscellaneous to prolong New York city is In for another centers has done much The usual weekly meeting of the A Club was held at the home teles in the hallway caught flre' a sanctuary seeking partridge the tourist season In Maine He completed his high school course the firemen threw what was then hlch hd r8ri Th N- tht of Miss Evelyn Knowles on Palm in 1ST7 and spent one term as a stu Into the street (V street Friday evening Refreshments iirpuctv iiuy uimwu oi noewin i iw some year: Sh dent and ieacher at Houlton Acad Th flr -nnrWrf in tho mnm aLulu' was the daughter of the late Char! hard winter Lt Col Maybee stated last night Finances for relief work are low and employment of men by the cKy of New York will be greatly decreased this winter he said This will work a great hardship on many men The Salvation Army in New York and all over the country Is preparing to meet conditions and care arhere it originated with a loss estl- "32 seaon evidently decided to ated at about $200 Smoke worked teat the 'gun and flew through the lb way to rooms on the second floor ettjc window of the home of A well as a number of grand nieces and nephews Rev Harry Wilson officiated at the services and arrangements were in charge of Joel Wilson Interment In Greenwood GOV ROOSEVELT SOUNDS CALL FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE when the firemen arrived there im nin trt Rmr an appearance of a considerable early Saturday morning The force mm oareii irenaieton) Staple She is survived ry a son Ernest Staples of Lynn Mass and eigh-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews Funeral services will be held fror the late home Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock with the Rev Melvin 3 Hutchins pastor of the Second Coo gregational church officiating tv'M t- oimo oi the blow struck the feathered pro- to- th needv as best thev can emy In the sping of 1877 he commenced the study of law in the offices of the late Daniels then of Presque Isle and in the fall of that year he continued his studies with the late Judge Dow also of Presque Isle He remained in the offices of the late Judge Dow until 1888 as a student and law partner having been admitted to the bar in 1878 He was also associated with the late Hon Vinal Wilson wt-e served and a social hour en-Joyed The Penobscot County Bar Association will meet today at 12 o'clock at the Bar library for the purpose of taking action on the recent decease of Townsend of Newport a respected member of the Bar In the municipal court on Saturday Adolphus Lozier withdrew his appeal to sentence of a fine of 1100 and coats on conviction of a charge of drunken driving and paid his fine no lived in the bssement 5mfincd the vy Maine he said fortunate in being less affected than other-areas but she was -collapsed in the yard scattered the glass and injured the bird so that lt died The family heard the crash and breaking glass and in He toltf of the relief measures used gayg His Objective Is Not returned to consciousness in a short ARTHUR MONROE SEARSPORT Oct Arthur Munroe died Friday morning at his summer home in West Main street following several weeks illness Tne deceased was born in SomerviUe Mass Feb 19 1866 the son of Mar- in nut ivra vivy ia year iv a A Dole But Job JOHN HOAR John Hoar died at his home spected the lower rooms of the house rnd finding nothing amiss dismissed the incident from tbMr minds but a chance errand to the aatic Sunday brought the tragedy to light Evi- Politically Mr Spear was a Demo- pec ted he said that a relif ship will be used again this year to care for unemployed seamen The Oold Dust club formed by a company using this trade name will be reopened to care for about 2000 men of the middle and costs His license was suspended crat and actlvely interested in affairs celles and Mary Blodgett Mun- Mill street Sunday morning alter a when he was recently sentenced dentiy the bird lived for some time NAVAL ARMORY Detroit Oct In a Sabbath day speech to time On account of the mix-up of the alarms hundreds of motorists drove the scene after going to Pier street where box 35 is located and lower Broad street where box 34 is seated tBLAIR LORD 12 OF BREWER IS SHOWING MUCH IMPROVEMENT A careful classification is now several thousand citizens of Detroit class of the party throughout his life In 1876 he was nominated as a candidate for registrar of probate but was defeated In 1880 he was unanimously renominated and elected for a term of four years In 1885 he was after the accident for the body of the bird was warm when discovered MOSES REPLIES TO new in nignesi regara euice iasi December Mr by all who knew him He has main- Hoar has been a resident ot orono talned a summer home in Searsport I for 1- years He was emploved for the last five years Mr Munroe the Orono Pulp and Paper Co over at was an expert diamond cutter for 47 3'ears years having been associated with He is survived by two daughters Harris and Lawton of Boston tor Mrs Paul Johns and Miss Madeline being made he said in order to reach Franklin Roosevelt today called for needy In all walks of life Pride he social Justice and said his long range declared kept so-called white collar objective was "not a dole but a lob Members of the Penobscot Pish and Game Association will meet tonight at the Chamber of Commerce rooms Plans for the forthcoming Sportsmen's Exhibit at City Hall will be discussed and important plans for iu success will be completed appointed deputy collector of cus QUESTIONNAIRES men starving because they refused to He traced the development of so- mlngle with the Bowery type of clal work on a state scale particular- mnV Varc ralin toms in Houlton He resigned in 1888 1" Hoar both of Atlanta Ga The two daughters have been here recenti ou vicu uj jiia wuc mra workman last year It was found ly in his home state of New York necessary to create different places said that many persons had "wisely Chief of Police THbmas I Crowlev CONCORD Oct AP) Senator George Moses today said that in answer to a questionnaire sent STBlair Lord 13 year old Brewer boy rrho was injured when he slipped in which to care for different classes endorsed" a national system of un- has received of people employment insurance and that the dence a request from Provi-to endeavor to locate --while playing around a switching to return to Houlton and resume his practice In 1892 he was a candidate for the office of Judge of probate but was defeated During his residence at Presque Isle he served as supervisor of the school committee and he was town clerk of Fort Fairfield in 1881-82 Lt Col Maybee told of a former nation had a part in equalizing the Friday was reported last night inr Electa Staples Munroe and by one to their father two brothers son Guy Monroe of West Newton I Howard Hoar of Princeton Ltndscy Mass a brother Herbert Munroe Hoar of New York one uncle Oeorre of Arlington Mass two grandchll- Hoar of New Limerick one aunt Mrs dren Guy Munroe Jr and Polly San- Lottie Mathews of Grand Lake wtio ger Munroe have the sympathy of many frifM A prayer was held at the West Mr Hoar was a very imp upright Main street home Saturday afternoon man Wnd and generous a pleasm rm resting comfortably at the Eastern Axel Runstad a painter who is believed to be in Bangor or vicinity His brother Carl Runstad died at Providence and relatives are anxious to locate the brother General Hospital Much Int -Maine Jrmr: executive of the Boy Scouts of Amer- immediate burden of caring for the lea who had been released from his unemployed position because of a tightening of "But that is politics and I can't purse strings an1 said that this man talk about lt today" he said while the came to him only recently with a crowd cheered ent in ma condition is re ed In 1885 Mr Spear married Annie wim me nev cmiord peasiee of the neiajnoor ana rncmi Bennett daughter of Rev James of ncUtmg i He was a member of the Masosie Bennett of St John The Brewer boy is very popular "considerable of a musician and has hosts of friends who hope for a speedy recovery him by the state commander of the Veterans of Foreign wars he had re-I plied that he would not vote for cash payment of the soldiers bonus The president pro tern of the 8 i Senate made public a questionnaire sent him by Commander Proulx of Franklin In answer to the query of whether he would vote for pensions for widows and orphans of World War veterans the senator said he replied "not" now He said he had answered he would continue the present policy of advocating preference for service I men In civil service appointments Funeral services will be held Monday ixxige time oi tne mneral will announced pitiful story He had earned but $45 in seven months It is this type of person that the Army is now helping and these people formerly helped the Salvation Army he said On Tuesday Lt Col and Mrs May in tne Baptist church In West Newton Mass Interment will be in the Cambridge cemetery in Cambridge Mass In his discussion of employment flre department had a call at insurance he said: 6 25 a on Sunday for a chlmney "But I don't think the secretary of 1- Adams street At 12:55 interior will be in favor of it They P- on Saturday a call came in call such things paternalistic All tor a little smudge in the planking right then If they are I'm a father" of a basement sidewalk window at His Sunday in Detroit the last stop the Savage Co establishment before he returns to his home at In West Market square the cause Albany from the almost 9000 mile being a carelessly dropped lighted Their had one son James Bennett Spear In 1903 he married again and became the father of two children Mary Louise now Mrs Brunett Miller of Waldoboro and Carroll of Marshmont Funeral services will be held Monday afternoon at 2 from the bee will leave for a day's visit In Wa- Kentucky's prospect or total pro-jiuction of tobacco of all kinds this Mpar has declined to 348738ooc fpiinili as compared to 487305000 "pounds produced in 1931 PETER GAFNEY The many friends of Peter Gift? will be sorry to learn of hu fctth which occurred late Saturday night after a long illness Mr Gafnev is survived by a brother Thomas Barnaby River The re- from there will go to terville and New York MRS AHTHl'R MONAGHAX MACHIAS Oct 2-trs Stella McReavy Monaghan aged 60 years the wife of Arthur Monaehan riitt cigarette residence with Rev Oeorge McKay verv suddenly last winvtv ntht i mains are at the funeral Darlnrs ot There will be no session of the of the Jloulton Unitarian church offl-probate court on Wednesday but elating Judge Warren will be in court on at her home in Wellesley Mass word Finnf'n Brothers and the funeral to that effect havlna been received heW St Johns Catholic Jllyl U8ine TO START INSTALLING i Thursday by Mrs Carroll Hanscom Wednesday mern'og at nine- I VX PrTDir UAOn "tt Mrs Vinal Longlei-j campaign swing that has taken htm ion a circuit of most of the western states was a busy one It began with a parade from the station to the sutler Hotel where he attended a luncheon and impromptu reception took him on another automobile ride through the streets to the Naval Armory thence back to the hotel to a series of con-j ferertces and concluded with a dinner given by him to the newspaper cor- respondents who accompanied nim on his tour of the west 4- ujuviv uviMw kiw in wnitneyviiie sisters of the AT WATER WORKS uu nus nri uaiuocrg Kate on Wednesday morning for a motor trip to Washington and other points of interest FUNERAL SERVICES Funeral service were held Saturday morning at o'clock for Mrs Frances Ring In the St Johns Catholic church Rev James McFarlane officiated The bearers Mr and Mrs Monaghan had been making an extended visit at their old home In Wnitneyviiie they both being natives of that town and had only returned to Massachusetts about City Electrician Oallupe will begin work this week of a preliminary nature preparatory to the new installation of the switch boards of A Bangor industry which Is having a prosperous season is that of the Bangor Cast Stone Co the manufacturing plant being located in two weeks ago The news of her pass- were Edward Deane Edwin Mutf Attention-Don't Final Cleanup Sale Starts Tues Oct 4 For Cash Only SELLING OUT THE BALANCE OF STOCK Our New Stock Will Be Here Soon John Largay Gerard Collins Prsndi the electrical department at the city East Hampden Eighty-five men are water works plant In the same build- MILK PRODUCERS and Carl O'Connor There were larre floral offerings and many friend! present Burial was at Mt Pleasant SHIPPING NEWS ueum rraiJiui mere ma vrucimR inw The electrical department win TO BEGIN STRIKE IN NEW YORK STATE The concern has many orders on hand for large re-enforced concrete culvert pipe other items of business the culvert pipe being used in road work and railroad be merged at the pumping station with the water department in the interests of greater efficiency and economy It is expected that the city electrical plant will be shut down for a ADAMS CENTER Oct Dairy men in Jefferson nH Puneral services for Ellas Cow were held Saturday morning at 19 o'clock In 8t John's Catholic church with a solemn high mass of requiem Rev Thomas Nelligan wss celebrant Rev James Tomllnsor deacon and Rev James McFarlane rosT or BANGOR Sept 30 ARRIVED Birft Ruxton Norfolk vltb coal to Bcon Roblnnon Co Oct 1 ARRIVED Stm Ctmdrn Creckttt Boton: with p-WBfr nd mdH to Biittrn Linn Inc ttnd aid oo rtturnl wwk after the preliminary work has 0rjeJda countl New been completed During the Interval the BanW Hydro Electric Co will 1rpesC mUk Producing area will begin Partial List of Merchandise For Sale: LIQUOR STORES GO UP IN SMOKE IN BOSTON FIRE supply the power for the city electric tomorrow a milk strike threatened lighting and power system for the past two weeks mon Nichols Nlchoraa Georee Simon Many important Improvements have hundred milk producers in the Stevens and Abraham Kellev Beau-been made at the water wprks sta- Adams Center and Pierrepont Manor tlful floral bouquets were in profu-tion In the past year mcrtion of sections last night voted to withhold ion Burial was at the Mt Pleasant sub deacon The bearers were -Sailed ach yard JACKSONVILLE Stpt Ed a Woe V(nuiU FELT BASE FLOOR COVERING Two t-piece WALNUT DINING SUITE $15 value $79 29c" their milk from the market family lot which have been made and Otto the projected changes the city will have a highly efficient plant GOLD SEAL CONGOLEUM by the yard 45c 49c Big Share of Million Dollars Worth Is Dairymen In the Boonville area were scheduled to meet today to determine whether or not they would Join in the strike Last week Boonville leaders said they exn ei to cooperate with the Adams Caster and $69 Om 7-pioce WALNUT DINETTE SUITE $125 value NOTICE TO MARINERS Thr 8uprlatndnt of Ufhthounts Portland announcri that private ad maintain in Oilkey Harbor Writ Pcnobacot Bar by the Torratui Club ot Dark Harbor won removed Ior the Winter Sept SI (Local Licht Liat New England Coast 1131 pp IU and Ut i SHERMAN Bupt THIBODEAU'S FmararBfeaat of Swlf aa' QaalMr SSS SO MAIN ST SO BEEWrE TEL 1Ut Eaakalaatr Manapr-Faarrtl tlaaT OlrrrUr Utli Dim MICHAEL KANE ONDEH TAKER TONER A DIRECT0 END TABLES 75c $197 Two 9-piece Solid WALNUT DINING SUITE $500 value Pierrepont Manor producers The strike was the answer ok the I dairyment to a price-cutting war in New York City leaders said Prac-i tlcally all the milk from these sec- i tions ordinarily goes to the New York market CARD TABLES 75c PHOTOGRAPHS For Xmas Sit now for your Photos $5 per dot and up 1 Large 7x9' Photograph FREE with every dozen pictures This offer is for a limited time only PERRY'S STUDIO 193 Exchange St Bangor Me BOSTON Oct Flre early today destroyed a goodly share oi $1000000 worth of liquor seised by government officers which was stored in the appraisers stores on Atlantic avenue Two alarms were sounded before the firemen finally conquered the fire $69 Three 4-piece WALNUT BEDROOM SUITE $125 value SAFETY Is Always CERTAIN We Fill The Prescription licensed Embalmer Alwar In Att-nrtanta 117 YORK ST HONE ill THE CLAYTON CO FUNERAL DIRECTORS a nifu rr III Btatt Bl Phont HI" CsALEIS TsTPONDCOr pirwvMAt sirnvirn Two-inch POST BED A Brown finish aJTrO All other Beds Reduced Prices THE WEATHER One 4-piece ALL OVER BURL WALNUT BEDROOM SUITE fQ $195 value 1 Ui7 ALMANAC All liquor seised by customs and federal prohibition agents within the last six months including t250ouo i worth Uken from the yacht Prudence HEAVY COTTON MATTRESS 345 I Trafam I Dial 1 Cantr 8t Oct I Ml 1138 lM CLARK-MH'CHEl Bun rlataT Bun aeta Day irnith Day'a decrtaar High vater Property funeral noma li lt a a So rarefal are we Dial $190 11 trtwtt Mt One 4-piece MAPLE BEDROOM SUITE $195 value Large Pieces about the Pl'RITY WEATHER Of our and CASStLf Pl'NEBAL BOMi MOBTICIANS Tel t-SS was stored in the building Firemen believed the blase was caused by I spontaneous combustion of a tin of alcohol and the flames then fed on i the burlap bags and wooden contain-era The work of the firemen was hampered by heavy smoke and the explosions of tins and kegs ot alcohol Government officials said an immediate Investigation would be made as all of the liquor was being held in connection with pending prosecutions against the alleged owners ACCURACY In nil- EXTRA SPECIAL A few SPRING MATTRESSES left of the better kind 187 coils well padded with white layer felt Guaranteed to keep ita $1 £75 shape 2950-3950 val Sale price 1 ANOTHER VALUE 42 lb SILK FLOSS MATTRESSES You used to pay $40 and $45 In $1 yl85 this sale for 1 lag Oct i Bar Thar JM 11 TS SM 63 7 A that there It no pos We Offer You sibility of a mistake FIN NEC AN BROTH KR- Crowe FUNERAL DIRECTORS I71-1W Park 81 om -'u WHITE HAYES or error We realise Thirty 9x12 Crescent CONGO- PARTLY CLOUDY WABHTNOTON Oct J-MtIM: Parllv cloudy Morular folloHl hv ahovtr MnixUv 490 ir LEUM RUGS Sale price Wanted a We have clients who are Interested in buying the following types of property Modem six or seven room house on either side near business section Large house on Main street suitable for taking roomers Six or seven rooms moderately priced home in upper Brewer Must be bought on terms Properties priced near $3000 in almost any section of the city If you desire to sell such properties consult with us Louis Kirstein and are worthy ef It! tmarr nieaoay arte UNDER I Al BRS a cantor St Dial l-OWt SCHOOLBOY i)IES FOLLOWING INJURY IN FOOTBALL GAME SWEETS DRUG STORE 26 Mala st DON'T WAIT COME EARLY GOLDSMITH FURNITURE CO BOSTON AND VICINITT BOHTON Oct J-lAPi -Monday partly cloudy followed by rhoareri Monday nlfhl or Tueadev: cooler Tueaday afternoon frrh aoutn and aouthweit wlnSa i WINDS antport ta Bandy Hook: Freh aouth and aautuwei winda poaalkly atront at tlmea oyer aouth portion weather partly eyerraal Monday Huggard Son THE HOUSE OP QOAUTV ERV" BANCKJR- Ml 1 BANGOR FLORAL CO HOME C1ROWN LOWERS five OR PEN HOUSES BTATB 81 tllAl CARD OF THANKS Va wlah to thank ainetrely all nrighbort tor their klndneei and rturint our recent rorrow and alJ praaa aur thanka far the baautirui trlbutaa iil Mra CharloMe Smart and MilllBOCkct Oct i ln- CLINTON Mass Oct 3 (AP) A i bruise which he suffered two weeks ago while playing football today I caused the death of Raymond Owocdz '14 The bod did not tell his parent of the injury and a week ago col- lapsed while on his way to school Blood poisoning had set In so serl-ously medlcsl treatment was unable I to counteract it "Mark Every Grave" Fletcher Butterfielc) Co CEMETERY MEMORIALS Central si Bangor Me CONDITIONS "The Reliable Store" OLD TOWN ME Sons Realtor! Real Estate and Insurance Service 44 Central st High prtuure preealle rWhea of Maw hafe occurred In nafr ocru'red In ii nnowera norteern New Trk and potin of northern New Entlrn-i Trmnrature have rlaen In lha nnnh a 1 1.

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