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The Bangor Daily News from Bangor, Maine • 5

Bangor, Maine
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i Bangor Dali New, Friday, December 30, 1955 Tel. 24831 WALDO Khrushchev Attacks U.S. Parliament Opens As Red Autopsy In Death Held Of Rockland Woman retam himself to Hungary "where ht had properties before the war." The authors of these messages, aald Khrushchev, are not con-eerned with saving asula but with the welfare of their purses." Told of the criticism, the President had no comment. Washington officials expressed belief no Soviet leader had used uch critical language concerning the President since the Bulganin regime took over last February. Expressing astonishment at so direct an attack, these officials said It might Indicate a still tougher Soviet policy.

In Albany, N. Gov. Harriman, former U. S. ambassador to Moscow, aald the Communists bad been attacking him for more, than eight year "because they know I understand what they are up to and have been outspoken In exposing their subversive tactics." Khrushchev said he criticized President Eisenhower unwillingly: that he respected the President but he considered his Christmas message to the Communist nations "quite lncompaUbh with aplrit of Oeneva." Diifyti-mff ffitiay 'foX.

frqwe haw HyH fwxHeai lfmd WARMER WITH' SNOW POSSIBLE The prediction for today Is warmer over. New England, with snow possible over the weekend. Temperatures are expected to drop over other parts of the east. (AP Photofax) BEST SINCE DIETRICH Thats what Hollywood Is saying about the gams of pixyish Shirley MacLaine. Shirley, striking this pose for Hollywood cameramen, stars In the filmusical comedy, Artists and Models.

High School Teams At Thomaston Plan Games With Alumni Solon Briefs 6l0N, Dec. 29 Mr. Robert French was hostess to Solon Woman' Club at her home Wednesday afternoon. The business meeting was conducted by Mr. RalplCCorson, club president, after which a social hour waa enjoyed and refreshment served.

Mra Rosa Berry wUl entertain the club for the next meeting on January 11. Mra Ellsworth Thompson will give a book review of the book "Anna Leon-Owena." Mr. and Mm. Blaine Robinson entertained at a family Christmas party on Sunday the following members of Mr. Robinson' family: his parents, Mr.

and Mm Olon Robinson: his brother and aister-ln-law. Mr. and Mra Maynard Robinson and three sona all of Bingham, and his sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mra Robert Flannery and four children of Plttsford, N. Y.

John Gallagher was a holiday guest of hi ton and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mra John Gallagher, Jr, and family at Cor-Inna. Mr. and Mm. Ohn Brown and children, Judy and Brent, had as dinner guests Christmas Day Brown's parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Aina Brown, and his aunt, Mra Hester Brown. Afternoon guests w-re his niece and her husband, Mr. and Mr.

Howard Spencer, and daughter. Deborah Ann, of Newcastle, and his istr-in-law, Mrs. Leland Brown of Wiscasset. Mr. and Mra Lester Chase were holiday guest of their daughter and on-ln-law.

Mr. and Mra. Raymond Waugh and family, at New Sharon. Mr. and Mm.

Desire Rastrom have aa a guest for the holidays their daughter. Mias Phyllla Ann Rastrom of New York City. Other guest have been their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mr a John Rastrom of Fairfield. Mr.

and Mm. Paul R. Given and son. Edward, had Miss Ev elyn Butt as a guest Christmas Dsv. The name of Mr.

Lida Foster was omitted from the list of family members present at the home of her son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis Bubar, on Christmas Day. St Albans Briefs ST. ALBANS.

Dec. 29 The Chatterbox Club met Wednesday evening with Mr Ruth Powers Mra. Gloria Wentworth was aa-sistant hostess and 11 member wer present. Mrs. Jacquelyn Morrison of Hallowell, was ellected aa a new member.

A 6 oclock baked bean supper, followed by a card party, will bo held Saturday, at the Club house. Tho club will furnish altar flower for the Sunday morning lervice at the Union Church, In memory of the deceased member. All Gub member are urged to attend. Refreshment were served by Mra. Powers snd Mrs.

Wentworth. A full length motion picture, The Life of Martin Luther" will Ikitti ft Sen. Smith Sees Highway Safety As U. S. Problem (NEWS Washington Bureau) Washington.

Dec. 29 Senator Margaret Chase Smith declared today that the record-smashing highway death toll over the Christmas weekend la an indication that highway safety problem baa grown too big to be handled by Individual state governments. The holiday casualty list, she said, "points up the imperative necessity th federal government to take a hand She said she hopes that the high traffic toll will spur quick Senate action on her forthcoming resolution authorizing a fuU investigation of the problem. to 36.000 traffic deaths during the year. The final death toll for 1955 on the highway la expected to approach 38.000.

Tlu la some 4500 more than the 33,417 soldiers killed in Korea. Some 609 of there were killed over the Christmas holiday making It the bloodiest holiday In U. 6. history. The National Safety Council also added this note of warning.

"Cold figure force us to this conclusion: 420 persons will be killed over th New Year weekend by auto- I moDUet State Two Weeks Behind Issuing New Licenses (Condoned from Pag One) first aince 1950 are having more volume on registrations than ever before at thl time of th year, Weed aald. "Thl will cut off the pek on our registration rush In February, but we cant take care of them and operators licenses too." He added that the division must have assistance from the Legislature" to get away from year-end expiration of operator license. Two previous effort to charge the license Issuing syitera have failed. In both cases, the bills called for licenses to expire on the operators birthdays, thu staggering the experiationi and the demand for new licensee through the year. The present system "create a terrific bottleneck at the end of the year," Weed aald.

Stanley Wathen Taken By Death (Continued from Fage One) Board. Lion Club, Driving Club and Masonic Lodge. He waa alao a partner with hi son, Wendell, In a racing stable which own Chuck Volo, a pacer, which formerly held th half mil world' record. Tho horse hat earned approximately $160,000 In the racing field. Surviving besides his wife art two ions, Wendell.

Southern Pines, N. and Glendon, a student at Dartmouth College: one daughter. Mrs. Charles Gutney, Fort Fairfield: four brother, Joseph, Easton: Frederick. Stanley, N.

Russell, Doaktown. N. and Murray, Stamford. three sisters, Mr. Alice McMaater.

Moncton, N. Mrs Sarah Hllderbrsnd, SL John, N. and Mrs. Bessie Holmes. Fort Francis, Ontario: several nieces, nephew and grandchildren.

Friend may call at the Dorsey Funeral Home In Fort Fair-field from 2 to 4 o'clock Friday afternoon and from 7 to 9 o'clock In the evening. Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon at ths Dorsev runeral Home with th Rev. C. W. Fry, pastor of th United Parish Church, officiating.

Active and honorary pal) bearer will Include officer and director at the First National Bank. Active beaters will be Ronald Grant, Fred Kllbum, Roger Hall, EXCHANGE TRIAL MARES AND MODELS 5Iot Complete Music Store 96-24 BROAD IT. V.S. WtAIHlk tmtk'J 0-p ll t( (HRwiit 40. A to 10 ft At tQMAWT pyy.

Weather Forecast For Maine For Latest Weather Bangor 3-2150. Dial ALL ZONES-doudy and not to cold Friday. Enow flurries aU tone except Zone Clearing and turning colder late Friday Sunny and cold Saturday. Moderate south winds, shifting to northwest, 20-25 mpl). Friday afternoon.

Temperature Range: Zone 132-20 Zone 2-30-20 Zone 3 and 4-30-15 Zone 5-25-15 ZONE I Caribou and vicinity) The weather for rrlday will be cloudy with little change In temperature and some light snow 1 predicted. The high Friday will be between 30 and 25 degrees The wlndi will be aoutherly from 10 to 15 miles per hour Friday and Increasing Friday night becoming westerly from 20 to 25 Almanac (Cmutl br Karr Brcruiuag SUttta la laafrrl Sun Rises 7:14 Sun Rets 7:12 Day's Length 1:54 Days Inoreaas High Tide 11:39 a. 11:59 p. m. Low Tide 1:13 a.

1:57 p. m. Union Phone Company Asks Rate Increase UNION. Dec. 29 The Union Telephone Company has mailed to it subscribers a new schedule of rate, which.

If approved by the Public Utilities Comisalon, will be effective February 1. 1958. The need for this aditionai rev enue result from the tncrevd cost of material nd equipment tinee the last adjustment of rate In 1951. and plana for conversion of the present system to dial aer vice in 1956. This necessitate the building of a fireproof building for housing quinment.

Many more mile of cable and wire and a new telephone for each subscriber. The Installation of the new phones will start In the spring, while conversion to a full automatic dialing 1 scheduled for September, 1956. Anvone wishing Information or detail regarding the need for thl additional revenue and corner aion to dial system ha been asked to call at the telephone office. Lengthy Migration The landbird with the longest migration route probably ta the nighthawk. It migrate from southern Yukon and Newfoundland south through the Greater Antile and Central America; winters In South America from Broztl south toArgentln.

Medford Locke, Harold Dorsey and Thomas Houghton. Honorary bearer will Include Edward E. Edmunds, Jr, Ami Ames, Georg Reed, George Find-len and Dr. H. C.

Kimball. Road Conditions fert4 suit Highvtr All m.ln roU r. bars 4 dry th. IfllloirlnX Mon.nn le Orem ill, iry In poU tn landed. Matiavaipkeag to MUUnwktt, Icy tn and aandad AU Arooaioo hihy are er and dry.

RIDE IN SAFETY ON B. Fa Goodrich SNOW TREADS BANGOR TIRE 127 FRANKLIN 8431 (Continued from Tag One The Supreme Soviet adopted a resolution approving the Bui-ganln-Khrushchev report on their tour of India, Burma and Afghanistan. The Parliament then concluded Its special session and the 1.400 deputies headed for home. The Eisenhower Christmas message that drew Khrushchev' anger was a broadcast to Eastern European nations saying the American people recognized the trials of the people in those countries and were concerned for the restoration of freedoms there. Khrushchev commented: "To pray for a change of regime In the Peoples Democracies Communist nations la a crude interference in the internal affair of those countries and leads only to inciting passions and the anna race." ATTACKS HARRIMAN Khrushchev also criticized Gov.

Averell Harriman of New York, fo: a similar Christmas message. He accused Harriman of wanting to return capitalism to the Communist nations and wanting to Snow And Warmer Predicted Today Snow was predicted for today, by the C. 5. Weather Bureau. The Bureau added that today will bo, cloudy, with snow, but not so cold as Thursday Th Bureau aald that th temperatures will bo between 36 and IS degrees above aero, and that the winds will bo from tho northwest at to 25 miles an hour.

Tho Civil Aeronautic Administration at Old Town aald that tho high for Thursday waa 24 degrees above aero at o'clock In the afternoon, and tho low, II degrees below ter at 1:39 s'clock In th morning. The CAA said that ths temperature waa degrees above sere at 9 o'clock Thursday evening. State Dept. Releases New Yalta Papers (Continued from Page One) made clear that he intended to dominate the formation of a new Polish government a ho eventually aueceeded In doing wa dated April 7, 1945. An American-Bntish-Soviet Commission had been set pp in Moscow following the Yalta meeting and Stalin complained that It waa not making any progress toward a solution of the Polish problem.

"Matter on the Polish question have really reached a dead end." Stalin said bluntly to the Prerf. dent. He blamed U. S. Ambassador Harriman and British Ambassador Archibald Clark Kerr for the situation, claiming that they had violated agreements about Poland reached at the Yalta meeting which the Russian called th Crimea conference.

In effect, Stalin argued that th number of Pole to be called In for consultation by the commission ahould be limited to five from Poland and three from the Polish government tn exile In London. But he said that Clark KerT and Hamman wanted to bring tn an unlimited number" from both place. He declared Russia would not agree to this and then went on to give hi own interpretation of the Yalta agreement and make clear h.a position "The Soviet government proceeds from the fact that In accordance with the meaning of the decision of the Crimea conference auch leaden ahould be Invited for consultation who. flrrtly, recognize the decision of the Crimea conference. Including the decision on the Curzon line, and, secondly, are really striving to establish friendly relational between Poland and th Soviet Union." 1 The Curzon line wa a boundary under which certain territories that were Polish prior to World War II would be given to the Soviet Union.

But th key point wa stalin insistence on having a government that woud establish "friendly relations between Poland and Russia. Rus-ila' Idea of friendly relations clearly was relations dictated by Moscow. The Hirrlman message to Roosevelt a few da) a earlier aald that "aside from the major question which are causing concern with the Soviet Union there has been an accumulation of minor Incident which started ome lx week go." He then cited the failure to get agreement for American Inspection of bomb damage In Soviet controlled territory, Including the Polish port of Odvnii, although both proposals (air and naval team) were agreed to at Yalta The Yalta paper previously released had covered In consider able detail the day to day discus-non In the historic conference. B. L.

Hadley Dies After Long Illness (Conttnoed from Page One) school and waa promoted to th rank of 1st lieutenant. He completed his military service January 2. 1919 and returned to Lawrence company until July cf i that same year. On July 38. 1919 he began hi employment for the U.

8. government, handling the clerical work In connection with the administration of the new Lafayetta National Park, He held the position on temporary basis until January I. 1920. when he a formally appointed a clerk, i of ROCKLAND, Dec. 29-An autopsy performed Thursday at Rockland by State Pathologist Dr.

Irving Goodof of Watervtlle failed Immediately to reveal the cause of the death Wednesday at the Knox County General Hospital of Mrs. Gloria Wallace, 32, of Thom-aston, hospital officials reported. The autopsy waa requested after clinical symptoms were discovered of bulbar polio In Mrs. Wallaces case, hospital officials added. A mlcrosoplc examination will be made to determine whether or not bulbar polio was present at the time of death, official aald.

Mrs. Wallace, wife of Vernal Wallace, died shortly after being admitted to the hospital. Attaches said that she had been ill for several days before being admitted to the hospital on the advice of Dr. P. O.

Campbell of Warren. Funeral service are scheduled to be held Saturday morning at 11 o'clock at St. Peter's Episcopal Church at Rockland. Anita Fitzgerald Wed To Marine In Belfast Rite BELFAST. Dec.

29 Miss Amt Louise Fitzgerald, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fitzgerald of Belfast, became the bride of Ptc. Dean Armand Or, USMC, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Merle Grass of Belfast tt the First Church December 18. The Rev. Frank A. Pitman performed the double ring ceremony. Mrs.

Hugh Knapp was soloist with Mrs. William Rokes at the orgtn. Given tn marriage by her father, the bride wore an aqua faille dress with white accessories and carried a colonial bouquet of white carnation and yellow roses. Miss Joy Gould, maid of honor wore a dress fashioned like the bride'; with a corsage of yellow rosea. M.

Arden Grass, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. Ernest DeRapa and Merle McDonald served as ushers. The bride mother, Mrs Fitzgerald. wore a gown of frosted blue wool with navy accessories and a corsage of red carnations The bridegrooms mother. Mrs Grass, wore a printed taffeta dress with pink accessories and corsage 01 Ptnt carnations.

Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the home of the bride' parent, where a collation wa served. Edwin Brtzier played organ music throughout th reception. Pfc. nd Mm. Gras left for a wedding trip to an unannounced destination.

Mrs Oras graduated from Crosby High School of Belfast and has been working at the Colonial Inn. Pfc. Oras graduated from Morse Memorial High School in Brooks and 1 serving with the Marine Corp at Camp Lejeune, N. C. Guest were present from Sears-mont, Presque Isle, Connecticut, Thorndike.

Portland. Lewiston, Old Town Madison, Brook and Belfast. Rockland Briefs ROCKLAND, Dec. 29 Mr Margaret Lagassey. Mra.

Lot Johnson and Mr rhyllia Leach were guerta of the Rockland Lady Lion Wednesday evening when the group met at the Bayview Hotel for a supper followed by a business meeting at the home cf Mr. Ida Clark, Talbot Avenue. The club will meet at the home of Mra Vera Warner, Broadway, January 11,. for a covered dish supper. Mia Joanne Gark.

II Krox Street, la spending a w-eek with Mr. ahd Mm. James Muldoon and family at North Quincy, Mass. Born Thursday at the Knox County General Hospital was a daughter to Mr. and Mr.

Robert Hall of Rockland. Warren Boy Given State School Term ROCKLAND, Dec. 29-A 14-year-ol4 WarTen boy as sentenced to the State School for Boys Thursday after he waa arraigned In Rockland Municipal Court on a charge of breaking, entering and larceny. The youth was found guilty by Judge Alfred Strout of Juvenile delinquency, and waa sentenced to the state school. It was revealed that the boy Is currently on a two year probation for a conviction Iiyt May of breaking, entering and larceny at Rockland.

Knox county sheriff department officials alleged that the boy entered the store of George Oray at Warren December 4 and took some milk and cereal. The case had been continued one week from December 22 for Judgment. TODAY It your newspaper bey's collection day. he ha delivered your NZWS faithfully during the past week. PLEASE have your payment ef 3G0 ready when he can.

Teachers Unit Seeking Raise (Continued from Pic One) chance that Congress wUl pass a progrant of federal support for public school construction. GREATEST DANGER The greatest danger to the blU la an anti-segregation amend- ment," he said. Anti-segregation is a separate issue, Jordan said. As an amendment to this legislation. he aald.

"It wont integrate a tingle school and it will probably kill the bill." He aald Maine might get over two million dollars a year for four yeara to be matched by state funds. The Assembly passed without debate a report of the Ethics Committee which called for teachers to refrain from taking Jobs In communities where MTA affiliates, backed by the MTA Executive Committee, have refused to work under terms offered by the local school committee. The Legislative Committee's re- port, adopted by the Assembly, proposed a raise In minimum pay to a scale of 13,200 to $4,200 a year for teachers with 10 yeara' experience. The amount would depend on a teacher post-high school training. The present scale Is $1,900 to $3,600 for experienced teacher.

Another proposal was an Immediate and extensive Improvement Qlltc IJU BAlCiinirw vuevisv both the physical plant and instruction In Maine1 state tea rhera colleges to meet accreditation stands rds. The improvements should be financed by a bond tame If necessary, the report said. The fourth proposal was for eurvivor benefits under the State Retirement System, comparable to those under federal Social The annual meeting will end tomorrow with election of officers. Miss Sara Cowan of Portland is president now. Lorin Additon, Bath auperintendent of schools, is first vice president and la scheduled for the presidency If custom of recent years is followed.

Police Ordered To Crackdown On (Continued from Page One) single time in Bangor. Police plan to blanket the entire city I in an attempt to apprehend aU traffic violator and atop aeci- dent before they happen. Although Bangor survived the Christmas weekend with only one minor traffic Injury reported, local police are leaving nothing to chance. "We hope we dont have to ia-1 sue a single summons New Year's Eve said a police apokesman Thursday, but well be ready for any driver who deliberately break! the law and endangers other Uvea. Regular and special officer will be assigned to the various hotels, I restaurants, dance hall and other gathering places during the busy hours Saturday right.

1 A survey taken by the As-; aoclated Press Just before the end of 1955 Indicated there were close THE BANGOR DAILY NEWS hMir, Orrraibrr tt, 1SSS PaMlib. Mralai Ixr-rt SaaSay kj Wantar rablithiac Ml Mala SU, Tl. Baatar I -Ml I Banr, Malaa. rm.r.a a al.ta aittw at Ota paat aSt tt, Baafar, Mala, ani.r th. act at March UTS.

a par tear crackly ky aarrta. By wall: Stata af Malaa SUM yaarln II a aiaaths; II tl par aaatkt Oat af Simla, 114 par aiaalk. By aiail ta pmanaal af Arm Sarrtraa, il.M I.M par at. nth. Mrwuta or Ter assocmtto ram Ika Auaclata Praia anlltb ta act far rapablleatlea af all tka lacal prlataS la tbla aawapapar, aa wall ki an A aewa Sbpatcbaa.

AH ri(hta af rapakllralloa af apaclal fUa-patrkaa karala arm aba rnwni St. Andrews Lodze Stated and annual communlca-tion. Friday. Dec. 30.

1955 at 7:30 p. m. Merrill R. Klttredge. 6ec.

He wa promoted to the position chief ranger In 1923 and wa made assistant to the superintendent. George B. Dorr, In 1933. Following the death of Mr. Dorr In 1944 Mr.

Hadley was appointed lupenntendent, the position which he held until March. 1953, when he retired because of cardiac trouble. Mr. Hadley married the former Mary L. Chase April 25, 1918.

Mr. Hadley had come from her home In East Machia In 1910 to enter the employ of the firm of Deaay and Lynam. He la nrvived by hi wife, two son. Benjamin Hadley, Jr, of Harrisburg. Penna, chief of re-aearch for the Department of Forest and Waters, for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Lawrence Chaae Hadley, district ranger stationed at Blue Ridge Parkway, Floyd, Virginia; four grandchildren; and one sister, Mr.

Harold Carter. Another alster, Mrs. J. Prescott Cleaves, died in 1943. Funeral services will be held at the Bar Harbor Congregational Church at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon with the Rev.

Vern M. Smith officiating. Committal services will be In the family lot Ui Ledgelawn Cemetery. Service at the grave will be conducted by officer! ol Bar Harbor Lodge and AM Friends may call at the Sher- man Funeral Home until the time of the service. Four Couples Observe Yule Anniversaries UNION, Dec.

29 Two Union couples and one each from Rockland and Warren have ebaerved a quadruple wedding anniversary at Green Gables; Camden. Among the eight persons wer three sister and their brother, all of whom wer married on Chrsitmu Day. Th couple celebrated Jointly every five yean, with one couple singled out on each occasion for special honors Thia year. Mr. and Mn Ronald Messer of Warren were feted on their silver weddirg anniversary The couple received a silver coffee maker, matching a silver service given them earlier In the day.

Other couple participating In the observance were Mr. and Mrs. Murray Whalen. Rockland; Mr. and Mn.

Earl Butler and Mr. and Mn. William Robblna all of Union. The group later went to the home of Mr. and Mrs Whalen at Rockland.

Messer is a native of Union, the son of the late Herbert and Inez Cook) Meseer. Mn Messer Is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wyllie of Ovatcr River, Warren. They have two daughters.

Mr. Fred Oeorve nd Mis Toby Messer of Wsrren, nd three gnndchlldren. Mr. nd Mr. Messer were married December 25.

1930. at Wls-casset, by the Rev. Mr. Spinney, pastor of th Wiscascet Congregational Church. Mr.

and Mra. Butler observed their 40th anniversary. They were married by th Rev. W. Jackson, pastor of Union Congregational Church.

Mn. Butler la a past president of the Union Woman' Community Club and is a member of Orient Chapter, OES. Butler Is the son of the late Chester M. and Etta (Hemenwa) Butler. He la a member of Union Ijodge of Mason.

They have two aona, Chester and Wendell Butler of Union; two daughten, Mn. Robert Heath of Union and Mn. Elton Rleh of Hermon, and eight grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs.

Whalen were wed on Christmas Day 1920 by th Rev. E. 5. Ufford, Congregational pastor In Union. Whalen Is a son of the late John and Lura (Davis) Whalen of Rockland.

They have a daugh ter. a aenior at Gorham State Teacher College. Mr. and Mr. Robbins.

Observed their 30th nniversary. They were lso married by the lat Rev. E. S. Ufford.

Robblna is the eon of the late George and Marcia fOreent Robbins. Thev have a daughter. Mra James Beyer of Madison. Wis. OLD ML'RIALS UNCOVERED During restoration of historic Vernon House, in Newport, R.

workmen removing paneling discovered murals said to be 18th century Chinese wall frescoes. JOE FLEMING Want Ta Set Tm About Goodyear Retread THOMASTON. Dec. 29 The Senior Gass Parent Gub will sponsor a basketball game at the high school gymnasium Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock between the high school boys and iris' teams and alumni teams. Linwood Moody wilf have charge of the elumnl boy with the following listed as Robert Watta, Jr, John Dana, Lawrence Chapman, Enos Verge, Russell Kelley.

Robert Hall, Arthur Strout, Richard Stone and Robert Gark Mrs. Elinor Clidden Eaton and Mra Anita Burton Morris have charge of the Alumni girls. Among the players will be Mm. Doris Ifemey Rackliffe, Mra. Joanne Edwards Connon.

Miss Oreta Lundin, Misa Priscilla Burton, Mra. Elaine Swanholm Clinton, Plorlne Burnham Bryant, Mm. Gaye Stetson Payson, Mra Janet Johnson Berry, Mm Helen Adams Pierpont, Mrs. Enid Stanley Watts. Miss Ellen Pitts tnd Miss Diane Gukey.

Proceeds will go toward the senior class trip. be shown at the Union Chrufh, Saturday evening at 7:39 o'clock. Following the picture, light refreshments will be aerved at 9 39 oclock at Sunday School hour New Year Service will be held at the church at 10 o'clock Ronald Hughes and Mi. Anne McKinney, of Cambridge, both student at Providence Barrington Bible College, Providence. R.

are the guest of his parena, Mr. and Mm. Kenneth Hughe. The Rev. nd Mr.

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