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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine • 2

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine • 2

Bangor, Maine
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WHIG AND 0 it i JLw THE BANGOR DAILY ATJCTION. JPliotograplis. Ipiteg mtriqr. Wlllr'lH' WODHOa Parties in Bangor or vicinity, who contemplate patting Bathing Booms or Water Works, Of any description into their houses, will find it for their interest to address W. E.

Ferguson. Bangor, Stating where an interview may bo had. Bangor July 12th, 1869. enlw Bangor to Aurora I CHANGE OF TIME. The Post Office Department having discontinued tho Stages on the AirLine from Bangor to Calais, the subscriber will run Stages from Aurora and back (Sundays excepted, passing through Eddington, Clifton, and Amherst to Aurora, starting from Bangor at 6 A.

and from An rora atl oclock, arriving in Bangor at 6 P. M. WAThis arrangement will afford fishermen and sportsmen a fine opportunity to ply their vocation, and bag as many trout and as much game from the surrounding streams, lakes and forests, as it will be healthy for them to take away. Good accommodations will be afforded. July 3, 1869 G.

W. 8PRATT. Tbe Season of Exhaustion. No matter how vigorously by nature the system and the constitution may be they must necessari-lylsuffer more or less from the depleting effects of the temperature of midsummer, unless strengthened and tustaioed by wholesome tonic treatment. The extra pressure upon the vital iorces must be met and counterbalanced by an extra resistant power; the unusual and rapid consumption of the animal fluids by profuse perspiration, must be compensated by tbe perfect digestion and assimilation of the food taken into the stomach, from which both the fluids andthe solids of the body are derived.

Otherwise the physical strength declines and the mind, sympathizing with tho machinery throQgh which it acts, becomes depressed and enervated. A 8TIMCLANT is therefore absolutely required at this season; not a violent one, calculated to Droduce febrile excitement, batsomething which will recruit and reinforce the whole organization in proportion to the extraordinary drain to which the torrid heat subjects it. This desideratum is supplied in a palatable nod most efficient form in HOSTETTERS STOMACH BITTERS, which thepeople of this country after moro than twenty-five years experience, have accepted and endorsed as the best tonic, alterative and anti-bilious preparation, which medical chemistry has yet escceeded in obtaining from the strength-sustaining, healing and purifying products of the vegetable kingdom. Every ingredient of this famous compound has its own specific virtue, and the result of their combination is tbe most genial invigorant, aperient, and regulating medicine ever administered.either as preventive or cure of the disorders most common in our variable climate. Among these maybe enumerated dyspepsia, biliousness, constipation, fever and ague, nervous debility, and all the ailments proceeding from imperfect digestion.

A course of HOSTEI-TERS BITTERS is the best possible safeguard a-gainst the dangers which menace persons of both sexes, and all ages, during the heated term. Irish Republican Convention at Chi cago passed a resolution asking Congress to pass laws giving foreigners the rights of citizenship within one year after their 'arrival in this country. Our laws are now so lib eral on this point that agitation for a change would be mueh more likely to bring about a reaction of feeling than to accomplish its object. A World special says that in the midst of the rejoicings of the conservatives and the scowls of tbe chagrined Radicals over the result in Virginia, the President is reported to act very complacently, contenting himself with a thorough belief ot tbe expression conveyed in the dispatch received by him from the Chairman of the WalkdF Executive Committee, that the election was a triumph of policy. On the night before Vallandigham, then Democratic candidate for Governor of Ohio, was sent through the lines of the Army of the Cumberland, by order of Gen.

Burnside, it was in midsummer of 1863, now six years ago, he was visited at the quarters assigned him in Murfreesboro', by General Wm, S. Rosecrans, then commanding the Department. Gen. Rosecrans, forgetting his dignity, as he occasionally did, entered into a long and, on his part, violent discussion on political subjects. During the conversation Vallandigham, claiming that his position would be justified by the futuro policy and events of the war, remarked to Rosecrans that in five years the General would think as the exile then thought, and stand where he then stood.

It seems that Vallandigham was right as to facts, and very nearly correct as to time. He may not think precisely as Vallandigham thought, but as tbe candidate of the Democracy of Ohio for. the Governorehip, Rosecrans cer tainly stands where Vallandigham stood. American Foreign Patents R. H.

EDDY. SOLICITOR OF PATENTS, Lat Agent of the U. S. Patent Office, Washington under the Act of No. 78 State Street, (epposxfe Kilby etreet.) Baton AFTER an extensive practice of upwards of twenty years, continues to secure Patents in the United 6tates; also in Great Britain, France and other foreign countries.

Caveats, Specifications, Bonds, Assignments, and all papers or drawing? for Patents, executed on reasonable terms, with dispatch. Researches made into American and Foreign warks, to determine the validity and utility of Patents of Inventions, and legal and other advice rendered in all matters touching the same. Copies of the claims of any patent furnished by remitting one dollar. Assignments recorded in Washington No Agency in the Untted Statee pasessee superior facilities for obtaining Patents, or ascertaining the patentability of inventions During eight months the subscriber, in the course of his large practice, made on twice rejected applications SIXTEEN APPEALS; every one of which was decided in his favor by the Commissioner of be seen at the corners of the different streets pumping and drinking brackish water, while the decrease of domestic animals and cattle is positively painfnl to witness. In Grenada and Antigua the young canes are perishing for lack of moisture, months haviDg elapsed since they have had a heavy fall of rain.

In Barbadoes the weather has been so dry that serious fears are entertained for the next years sugar crop, and in some parts of Jamaica the people are actually giving nearly a days labor for a single bucket of water, while the water Bupply of Kingston Is drawn from. a river, distant about three miles from the city, aDd has so greatly diminished as to awaken apprehensions of consequences in the event of a fire breaking out in the city. Buckspdrt Railroad. To the Editor of the Daily Whig: Shall we have a railroad to Bangor Will Bangor have a railroad to Bucksport? It would seem that a project involving so clearly the interests of the two places would bo heartily accepted by both, and could not fail of success. Bangor needs and must have a winter port all its interests demand it.

It needs and ought to have the heat winter port. That Bucksport is the best bar bor is beyond question. It is open at all times when any harbor in the bay is open. Yery rarely is it closed at all by the ice, and never but for a brief period. When the cold is severe enough to freeze us up, it is cold enough to shut up tho bay, so that there is no access to any of its ports.

It is she! tered from the storms, with high hills all around it. Vessels can lay there at all limes in perfect security. There are no strong currents to trouble them. In this respect it is unlike the harbors on the river above, and especially in the spring of the year, when the ice is running freely and vessels are exposed in many places to serious injury Here, the strength of the current being oa the other Bide of the river whore vessels are never moored, the ice passes off on that side, leaving eur harbor entirely free from any danger of that kind. It is besides very capacious room enough for a very large fleet of vessels, and of any size.

There is abundance of wharf room. It is said by those who know that a mile and a half of shore can be made available for wharves, and when the E. N. A. and Piscataquis roads are well at work, they will need just what we can furnish them better than any other place.

Besides a road to Bucksport will not carry business away from Bangor, but on the other band will bring business to it. The reasons for this are obvious enough, and whenever this road is completed perhaps before the enjerpriaing people of Ellsworth will begin to talk about a road from that place to this and they will not talk long before they will begin to act. It is but a few miles farther from that city to Bangor via Bucksport, than it is direct. Some time such a road will be built, and the interests of Bangor require that the two cities should connect. This is the only way by which a con neclien will be made.

Ellsworth is shut out from the sea in the winter months, and will only build a road to a place where is always an open harbor. In time that road will be extended further east. I now give some of the reasons why this road should be favored by Bangor. There is another reason, we can do a good deal towards building the road ourselves. We can provide for much of it from our own individual and corporate means.

It is in the main a cheap road to build. Brewer has deep interest in it. It will greatly increase the value of property in that town to have railroad connection with the other side of the river especially its river front and whatever benefits or enhances the value of properly in that town will benefit Bangor. It cannot be long (irrespective of this road) before a railroad bridge at and to Brewer will be an absolute necessity. This road must at some time be built.

ItcaDnot be long delayed. Is it not much better to do it now? The people here are in earnest about-it, and are ready to show their faith by their works. Will not the poople of Bangor weigh this matter well and gi ve duo thought to the superior advantages of this before deciding upon any other, for their winter port. Bucksport. TESTIMONIALS.

I regard Mr. Eddy as one of the most capable ml successful practitioners with whom I have had fficial intercourse. CHAS. MASON Commissioner of Patents. I have no hesitation in assuring inventors that they can not employ a man more competent and trustworthy, and more capable of putting their applications in a form to secure for them an early and favorable consideration at the Patent Office.

EDMUND BURKE, Late Commissioner of Patents. Mr. R. H. Eddy has made for me THIRTEEN applications, in all but ONE of which patents a ve been granted, and that one Is now pending.

Such unmistakable proof of great talent and ability on his part leads me to recommend all inventors to apply tohim to procare they nmay be sure of having the most' faithful attentioon bestowed on their cases, and at very reasonable charges. JOHN TAGHART." Boston, January 1. 1669. Staw lvr "Buy Mr, and Ill do You Good. Maul vigor and robust health secured by the use of DR LANGLEYS ROOT AND HERB BITTERS.

They sharpen the appetite, promote digestion, expel humors, banish dyspepsia, cure headache, costiveness, laziness, general debility, jaundice, liver complaint, and tbe whole train of bilious diseases. Sold by all druggists. mch 16 For Kent, on Front Street, MOn Steamboat Wharf, several LOTS suitable for Store Houses, For particulars enquire of JAMES S. KOWE. or J.

O. KENDRICK. Agent. Bangor, March 22, 1869 sntf E. B.

PATTEN, Commission Merchant Aucti i No. 37 MERCIAN TILE -O Special attention given to the sale of Uci Estate at private or public sale. Parties iiau. Houses, Farms, or other property forsaie. are iovi ted to register a description of the same at office TOBACCCLJOBACCO PATTEN HAS RECEIVED A FRESH STUCK OF Fancy Tobacco, Which he offers for sale LOW PRICE X.

A april 1 H. s. PRESCOTT, REAL ESTATE BROKER, Commission Merchant, Auctioneer AND GENERAL APPRAISER, No. 12 Central Street. J.

B. FOSTER, General Commission Merchant -A-iictioneei, M- M- Insurance OtEco, 28 West Market Square SALOOIT, Bakery, and Confectionery Manafaetorv. CHARLESF RAZEE, TENDERS his thanks to the citizen rf Ear -and vicinity for their very liberal patroia-r tho short time he has been with them, aril wii'-V that he has the best facilities for the inanulanur'e of Fine Pastries, Confoctionery, Ice Creams, Water Ices, Sherbets, Roman Punch, Frozen Paddio? Glazees and Cool Soda, from his improved F-mni-ain. Boned and Jcllie Turkey. Boned and Jeilie Game, Lobsters.

Chickens and Game Patties. All kinds of Pyramids in every style of architecture. A fall assortment of Nuts, preserved and onpre-served Fruits, Oysters regularly received in the shell and 'erred up promptly, and for sale by the gallon or quart. Lunches at ail hours of the day and evening. He is always prepared to make every thing new, with improvements in Fancy Cake, Meat Cooking and Confectionery.

A great variety of Party dishes elaborately ornamented. This shop will always be well stocked with a large variety of good things never before attemj-t-ed in this city, and he claims to have the oniv manufacturing saloon in this vicinity, equal afi its details, and will favorably compare with any New York or Boston establishment. He has extra conveniences for furnishing pdrtie with refreshments. Call and examine his Saloon and stock of good. C.

FRAZER, July 8. Hammond Street. Caution. All persons are hereby notified and cautiopcd Dot to purchase two Notes of Hand, gnen by the undersigned, July Sth, 1869, to William C. Davis, each for the- sum of one hundred and ilaWtrs and interest, one payaable in five, and one in ten months from date.

This cau'ion oLv extends to the mortgage of certain personal prop- erty given to secure said notes. Said notvs ki! ut be paid, they having been given without consideration, aDd they and said mortgage having been given under dureee, and obtained by means of promises which promises, when said papers were o-tained, were not fulfilled. CH ARLtS L. CUMMINGS. Lincoln.

July 9th. 1869. jyl3 lwi' NOTICE. THE Directors of the Mattawamkeng Lg Driving Company, hereby give notice that thw will meet at the office of C. D.

BKYAXl, No. Exchange Street, Bangor, WEDNESDAYS Ju.y 28th, at 19 oclock in the forenoon, for the purpo-e of assessing on all log? which came through tee Penobscot Boom tbe present driving, and on ail the log on which driving labor have been expeni-ed, both in and laying back, to enable the Corp ration to pay theexpenses of tbe same.and to act any other business that may then come lef. rc said meeting. By Order. J.



Clerk. 1869. 2w Preserve Your Fruit. LYMANS Celebrated Self-Sealing FRUIT JAR, Easy to Manage, Durable, and a Perfect Fruit Preserver. ANY ONE can use them, and are warranted to give perfect satisfaction properly managed.

Can be sealed or unsealed in an instant, without danger of breaking or injuring the Jar in any respect, Call and examine them befere purcaasing elsewhere, at TTTT.T, TEAFwSOSS. Remember, Ho. 11 Granite Block, Bandor. July 12, 1869. lwd Now is the time to Buy FINE SOODS CHEAP THE STOCK OF FINE GENUINE Bohemian Vases, At No.


July 7th. Real Estate for Sale, A Splendid Residence on the West finished in modern style, cement cellar, sc- cistern therein, well of water, commodi-ur stable, large garden, prospect of surrounding country, neighborhood goodJ TVC july5 FRED, H. or PHILIP For Rent, House on Cumberland street. located, in good repair. Possession given iai mediately.

For further particulars enqujre of A. b. Wthl. July 5. Boomage Notice.

THE Boomage on Logs rafted at the Boom, in the month of June, is nov uu the owners of said Logs are requested to call a pay tho same, bix per cent discount will on all bills paid between the tenth and twcDt-e -days of this month. ABRAM MOoB, Trcas. 1 1-. a- Bangor. July 7, 1869 2w THE WALDRON Express Company Forward all Orders for Goods BY EXPEES3 DAILY, FREE OF CHARGE opricx, Durens Bookstore, Hammond St-GEO.


ORDERS LEFT AT THE YARD ON MAIN STREET BLETHEN A HELLIER8. 88 lUmmonl b-- will noeivo prompt ktfontioa. jiy fi WALTER 8. HKLLIKRu Saw Mill for Eent. ONE GANG thio.

Singl. Saw. and on. Kwm. T.P Parson, EehPEO Strrot-Bangor.

July 5tb. 1869. tfd Latfa JOHN H. LYHDE, PROPRIETOR. WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 1869 State Election, Monday, Sept.

13, EOR GOVERNOR, Joshua L. Chamberlain. Upon What Platform Tho Democratic party managers are making loud claims to be trusted by the people, urging that their representatives and their principles are most nearly in accord with tua popular welfare and happiness. The fay campaigns are now about being inaugurated all over the country, candidates are being presented, and platforms being built upon which to go bofore the people. It occurs to us as portinent at this timo to ask, upon what platform of principles do the Democracy of the whole country propose to rland They make loud general professions of duty to accompany the terrible de nunciatlons upon their enemies, but why not define, particularly, what course of action they propose to espouse and proclaim It will not do to deal in generalities when you go bofore a people with the purpose of superseding in their affections a party which has swayed the country for more than eight years.

It will not do to promulgate creeds for one part of the country which your friends in other sections despise and denounce. It will not satisfy the people merely to say that there are evils existing for which others are responsible nor merely to claim that under a new order, affairs might be better nor to offer progressive ideas in one section and repudiate them in another nor to uphold evils where evil prevails while disclaiming them else where. The Democrotic party go before the people demanding power to rule, and where uro the principles which they urge upon the country 1 Lei us see. In many sections of the country tho Democracy claim to be the special friends of Ireland and of h'enianism, and have received the Irish support. Elsewhere, when it suits their convenience, they discourage all hostility to England, and would even have our government surrender honest claims against her.

They play heads I win, tails you lose, with the Irish vote. In tho South, the Democracy profess to acquiesce in reconstruction, they swallow impartial suffrage, they vote for negrees, they offer them equality. In the North they deaounce negro equality and franchise S3 radical barbarism, and wherever they have an opportunity, resist all encroachments of this sort. At the financial centers, and with the poor manufacturing classes whose money is in bonds, and with agricultural communities where intelligent industry bars dishon-esty, they advocate national honor and fairness. In the ignorant quarters, in rebel strongholds, and where political action is prejudiced by sectional interest, they do not hesitate to favor repudiation.

In Maine and at the West, they may safely favor free trade. At the coal mines of Pennsylvania, in manufacturing- districts, and even in Congress they are not inimical to protective tariffs. In one State they nominate men for office with some idea of present demands. In another they cling to men who are commendable onl for the tenacity with which they adhere to past dogmas. While they generally resolve loudly against the evils of official life, wherever theyiget a good foothold they perpetrate the most enormous stretches of authority and saddle the people with the most outrageous burdens.

In fact, every locality has its Democratic doctrine as distinct as are the many incongruous elements which make up its parts. The Democratic party in theory is all things to all men, while in action it never has yet appeared to rise above the groveling ideas that inspired it to rebel and to involve the country in countless woes. If there is any good ground which this party proposes to oe cupy, if there are new principles it proposes to offer, if there are any reforms it will carry out, the people demand to know what they are and when they will be likely to commence within the Democratic strongholds themselves. us the evidence of examples I Give us your platform that you dare carry before the whole country, and then give us guarantees that it shall not as heretofore, be entirely ignored in action. Then the people may begin to listen to leaders who now only make the Democratic party ridiculous with their incoherent clamors.

Gov. Chamberlain has accepted his nomination for re-election, as will have been seen by the correspondence published yesterday. His letter of acceptance iB brief, but pointed and unexceptionable. He declares that be accepts the continued honor at the hands of the Republicans of Maine the more heartily because the resolutions of the Convention declare a public policy identical with the line of his life and labors and that he believes that the triumph of these liberal and vigorous princi pics will make our people prosperous and our State great. The principles referred to are peace, loyalty, equal rights, administrative reform, a liberal policy to develop our resources, and an approval of the legal prohibition of the liquor traffic and vigorous enforcement of the laws to that end.

A platform never was more concisely stated than that of our State Convention, and this emphatic indorsement cannot but be satisfactory to the Republican party in return. With these principles and a candidate so able and popular as Gov. Chamberlain, we must unite and conquer another overwhelming victory in September. Frank Blair has come down a notch. He is out with a card, in which he says he didnt intend to insult the Association of the Army of the Gulf at their late banquet, but on the contrary meant to compliment our army.

When Blair acknowledges a point against him in so suppliant a style, the lost cause must be lost. Great Drouth and Suffering in thr West Indies. Our dispatches inform us that a drouth of unprecedented severity prevails throughout the greater part of the West Indies. In the Island of Trinidad the drouth is so intense that the deepest wells at the port of Spain are almost dry. The country was completely burnt up with heat and several fires have occurred with the moat disastrous results.

One of the fires bad traversed 75 miles of country, destroying in its course thousands of asres of growing canes, and other fires had taken place on plantations with similar sad. results. In St. Lucia the streams have diminished to such an extent that the mills are at a stand still for wsnt of water to work them: In Guadeloupe, public and private cisterns are alike dried up and not a drop of fresh water is to be had. In the towns the inhabitants are to a a S.

W. SAWYER is determined to he up with tho times in his business He goes in for all the improvements of the day. He has added two 'new skylights to his Gallory by which he is enabled to light up the most difficult subjects, and produce BETTER PICTURES than ever before. He is making those new and popular CABINET CARTE DE VISITES, which are taking the lead of all others in the large cities, also. New Camera to make said pictures with, and Albums to put them in.

3Please call at 2 Kenduskeag Bridge, and see them. jn29 3w Dr. Brown, Office 45 Lewis Block. Main Street, Bangor, continues to treat successfully all CHRONIC DISEASES, Sach as have resisted medical aid for years. A care Trill be effected if undertaken.

He PURIFIES THE BLOOD, CURES LOCAL WEAKNESSES, CANCERS or SCROFULA. HUMORS. april 27 Once Used, It Recommends Itself. THE Diarrhoea Remedy, la the Best Thing in the World FOR CURING Cholera Morbus, Dysentery, And all cases of Summer Complaints so prevalent this season of the year. SAFE.

PLEASANT. RELIABLE. So agreeable to the taste, that children take i with pleasure. Every bottle warranted. No euro no pay.

Sold in large or small quantities, by BLOOD ROWE, June 16 sn 121 Exchange Bangor. THE ELEVENTH EXHIBITION American Manufactures, MACHINERY, and WORKS OF ART, Under tho direction of the MASS. CHARITABLE Mechanic Association will commence at Faneuil and Quincy Halls, In BOSTON, on WEDNESDAY, Sept. 15. Contributions of whatever is new, useful, And beautiful in mechanism and art, from all parts the country, aro solicited.

STEAM MOTIVE POWER will be supplied for machinery. Honorary awards of Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals, and Diplomas, will be given for articles deserving especial notice. Persons requiring large space, or more particular information, may address JOSEPH L. BATES, Secretary, June 18 sn2aw4w BOSTON, MASS. Seheneks Pulmonic Syrup, Seaweed Tonic and Mandrake Pills, will cure Consumption, Liver Complaint and Dyspepsia, if taken according te directions.

They are all three to be taken at tbe same time. They cleanse the stomach, relax the liver and put it to work then the appetite becomes good the food digests and makes good blood the patient begins to grow in flesh the diseased matter ripens in the lungs, and the, patient outgrows the disease and gets well. This is tb only way to cure consumption. To these three medicines Dr. J.

II. Schenck, of Philadelphia, owes his unrivalled success iu the treatment of pulmonary consumption. The Pulmonic Syrup ripens the morbid matter in the lungs, nature throws it off by an easy expectoration, for when the phlegm or matter is ripe a slight cough will throw it off, and the patient has rest and the longs begin to beal. To do this, the Seaweed Tonic and Mandrake Pills must be freely used to cleanso the stomach and liver, so that the Pulmonic Syrup and the food will make good blood. Schencks Mandrake Pills act upon the liver, removing all obstructions, relax the ducts of the gall bladder, the bile starts freely, and the liver is soon relieved; tho stools will show what the Pills can do; nothing has ever been invented except calomel (a deadly poison which is very dangerous to use unless with great care), that will unlock the gall bladder and start the secretions of the livor like Schencks Mandrake Pills.

Liver Complaint is one of tho most prominen causes of Consumption. Schencks Seaweed Tonic is a gentle stimulant and alterative, and the alkali in the Seaweed, which this preparation is made of, assists the stomach to throw out the gastrio juice to dissolve the food with tbe Palmonic Syrup, and it is made into good blood without fermentation or souring in the etomach. The great reason why physicians do not cure consumption is, try to do too mnch: they give medicine to stop the cough, to stop chills, to stop night sweats, hectic fever, and by so doing they derange the whole digestive powers, locking up tbe secretions, and eventually the patient sinks and dies. Dr. Schenck, in his treatmont, does not try to stop a cough, night sweats, chills or fever.

Remove the cause, and they will all stop of their own accord. No one can bo cured of Consumption, Livor Complaint, Dyspepsia, Catarrh, Canker, Ulcerated Throat, unless the liver and stomach are made healthy. If a person has consumption, of course the lungs in some way are diseased, either tubercles, absesses, bronchial irritation, pleura adhesion, or the lungs are a mass of inflammation and fast decaying. In such cases what must be done It is not only the lungs that are wasting, but it is the whole body. Tbe stomach and liver have lost their power to make blood out of food.

Now the only chance is to take Dr. Schencks medicines, which will bring up a tone to the stomach, the patient will begin to want food, it will digest easily and make good blood then the patient begins to gam in flesh, and as soon as the body begins to grow, the lungs commence to heal up, and the patient gets fleshy and well. This is the only way cure consumption. When there is no lung disease and only Liver Complaint and Dyspepsia, Schencks Seaweed Tonic and Mandrake Pills are sufficient without the Pulmonic Syrup. Take the Mandrake Pills freely in all bilious complaints, as they are perfectly harmless.

Dr. Schenck, who has enjoyed uninterrupted health for many years past, and now weighs 225 pounds, was wasted away to a mere skeleton, in the very last stage of Pulmonary Consumption, his having pronounced his oase hopeless and abandoned him to his fate. He was cured by the aforesaid medicines, and since his recovery many thousands similarly afflicted have used Dr Schencks preparations with the same remarkable success. Full directions accompany each, making it not absolutely necessary to personally see Dr. Schenck, unless patients wish their lungs examined, and for this purpose be is professionally at his Principal Office, Philadelphia, every Saturday, where all letters for advice must be addressed.

He is also professionally at No. 32 Bond Street, New York, every other Tuesday, and at No. 35 Hanover Street, Boston, every other Wednesday. He gives advice free, but for a thorough examination with his Respirometer the price is $5. Office hours each city from 9 A.M.

to 3 P.M. Price of the Pulmonic Syrup and Seaweed Tonic each $1,50 per bottle, or $7,50 a half dozen. Mandrake Pills 25 cents a box, G. C. GOODWIN A CO, 38 Hanover Boston, wholesale agents.



M. BLAKE. General Agent, No. 9 Central Street, Bangor. Also, Agentlfor PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY, for California, China and Japan.

Tickets to and from England, Ireland Scotland. STERLING EXCHANGE, payable at sight, or sale in sums to suit. nov 4 sn Merchants Line. STEAMSHIP WM. TIBBETTS.

Boston and Penobscot River. Th. Steamship WM, TIBBETTS, will run weekly during the season, between Bangor and inMMMBoston, leavin, Bangor every a 1 A at 5 ooleek A. touching at Wiaterport. Booksport, Sandy Point.

Ballast Tenant's Harbor. Returning Will leave Battery Wharf, Boston, ovary THURSDAY, atU M.touehlng as above. Freight taken at reasonable ratee. Also, good accommodation. for passengers.

Fare from Bangor, interport and Booksport, $3.00 Faro from Belfast and Tenants Harbor, Meals extra. Ft apr 2.50 forfurther information enquire of ur 14, 1869. sn M. M. FULLER.

Agent. City of Bangor. Joint Standing Com- Th regular meeting of tho mittoo on Aooount and Ch Bugor, April 29, I860 sn Important to Farmers! A trial of MOWING MACHINES will take place on the farm of Majob Strickland, of Bangor, or Stillwater Avenue, on TUESDAY, JULY 20th, And it will be very muoh to the interest of the Farmers to examine into the various merits of Machines before purchasing, and defer doing so until after the trial, as then and there thfiy will have a favorable opportunity of seeing them tested. All Agents are cordially invited to put in Machines, and it is hoped that a good delegation of Farmers will be present: Bangor. July 12th, 1869.

sntd POUBIID That Staple 'Fancy Goods, Small Wares, Hosiery, Gloves. Whips, Cigars, can be bought at Wholesale in Bangor, as low as in Bos ton or New York. Dealers aro respectfully invited to call and examine tbe largest stock of the kind in Maine. New Goods Arriving by every Steamer at S. A J.

july 3 lmsn FOUR CHAIRS! THE PUBLIC appreciate GOOD WORK and entiemanly treatment. Hence the celebrated Barkers Messrs. HENDEKSON A JOHNSON, employ FOUR CHAIRS to accommodate their PATRONS. The commonalty wishing the Westorn or Eastern Btyles of hair cutting and smooth shaving, with neatness and perfect triumph, call and try us, for we cannot be surpassed. Barretts world-renowned hair restorers, tricopherous, dyes, Ao, Cigars, collars, Ac.

Razors, shaving soap. Razors honed. These articles can be had at Henderson A Johnsons Tonporial Emporium, over Hills A Bakers, West end Kenduskeag Bridge. Henderson A Johnson thankful for past favors, respectfully solicit a coutinuance of patronage, iune 3d sn 3w "OUT OF SORTS. Take DR.

S. O. RICHARDSONS SHERRY WINE BITTERS, tho most medicinal in the market. Established in 1803. mchl33tawdaw4m Splendid Muslins, French Percales and French Cambrics i WHITE PIQUES and FRINGES.

White Grenadines, and Tassels for Capes, WHITE SHAWLS, and BLACK SILKS for Garments. Just received and selling cheap at G00DELL SULLIVANS. Bangor, uly 3d, 1869. sn Sewing Machine Depot. SrNGER.

WHEELER 3c WILSON, GROVER A BAKER. ELLIPTIC. and all other STANDAR SEWING MACHINES. for sale by CHAR HALE. 24 Main St de7I THE SAFE Deposit Savings Bank, No.

9 CENTRAL BANGOR, P. II, BLAKE, President. T. H. SMITH, Cashier.

Interest allowed from the date of deposit at the liberal Government rate of 7-30 Per Cent. Per Annum No deposits received for a les3 sum than $50. JO? Office hours irom 8 A. to 6 P. M.

TO HOLDERS OF GOVERNMENT BONDS, AND OTHER VALUABLE SECURITIES AND PAPERS. Can lease boxes and other apartments for Trunks, Packages, and Valuables, at very low rates, in the new Fire and Burglar Proof Vault, being the best, safest, and only one of the kind in the State. Parties holding valuables are respect-iully invited to examine this Vault and its apartments. P. M.

BLAKE, Proprietor, April 5th, 1869, No. 9 Central Bangor. Penobscot Savings Bank. THIS BANK (chartered by the last Legislature,) is now ready to transact business. Deposits will bo received upon as favorablo terms as by any other similar institution, at the Banking Room of the Eastern Bank, Mercantile Square.

The well known responsibility of the parties connected with it is a sufficient guarantee of its safety and success. A. M. ROBERTS, President, EDWIN CLARK. Treasurer.

Bangor, April 1, 1869 TRUSSES. AH the most approved styles of TRUSSES, SUPPORTERS, SHOULDER BRACES BANDAGES, SILK COTTON HOSE, May be found in groat variety at B. F. BRADBURYS. 6 and 8 Smiths Block, and 5 Central street.

mc20 3taw sn jnnel6 Clayton. Bunker Hewes, WHOLESALE GROCERS AND FLOUR DEALERS, 31 Broad Street, and 15 Pickering Square BAE-GOE. Sugars, Molasses, Coffees, Teas, Tobacco, Spices, AND ALL KINDS OF GROCERS GOODS, IN GREAT VARIETY, At the Lowest Market Rates. July 8. diwtf HARDWARE, GLASS, PAINTS AND OILS, AT THE New Hardware Store.

THE BEST ASSORTMENT AT THE LOWEST PRICE. No. 25 "West Market Square. July 10 BUTLER A HAYNES. Eastern State Normal School) CASTINE, MAINE.

THE FALL TERM of this School will begin August 18th, and continue 14 weeks. Tuition and of the Text' Boohs free. Board $3 A0 per week. Students may board themselves for about $2.00 per week. Board of Instruction consists of six Teachers and several Leoturers, For particulars address G.

T. FLETCHER, July 12. Principal. May be Seen at Bartletts, Street Musicians, By Constant Mayne. Homeward, By De Bylandt.

Landscape in California, By Bieestadt. July 7 FARM FOR SALE, Containing 300 acres of land, 125 aoru. under rood cultivation and a well fenced 175 acres weod land, young I growth. The Farm has two orchards, containing over 300 trees, cherry, plnm, has two barns, a story and a half cottage house 28x83, 18x36, oarriage house, eto with a good stone eellar under the whole house and L. The farm has now planted and sowed 15 acre, cuts 45 tons of hay.

and has a good wall of water which has never failed, This farm is sl tooted in foe town of Ltnooln, 2J4 mliea from foe Village, and 2H hours ride by rail from Bangor. The form ir situated on a ridge of land inclining to foe west, and commands a beautiful prospeot of the surrounding oountry. The Farm can be bonght with the Fanning Implements and Stock, or without, and at a bargain, which recommends it to foe attention, of any one wishing to TOgage in ths businem. For particular enquire of 8. Jane 15.

StawAw- 136 Exchange St-Bangor. CO 5000 Jon, 28. BUSHELS CHOICE YBLtOW COBH mlelowby BENT fc 00.1 Exchange-fit. Hem.ov clX DR. STRICKLANDS OFFICE will be at his residence, corner ot Main and Union streets, after May 1st april 2S Lf Southern Pitch Pine.

A cargo of PITCH PINE, 'various sizes, for ship building and repairing, just landed at our shipyard in Brewer, from sebr Damon, will be dispoosed of in quantities to suit purchasers. ISAAC DUNNING SON. Browor, May 22d, 1809. sn LOAN TO THB COUNTY OF PENOBSCOT. Tseasurkbs Office.

Penobscot County, Bangor, May 22d, 1869. Tbe Legislature at its last session having authorized the Treasurer of Penobscot County to procure by loan and issue bonds therefor, a sum not exceeding Sixty Thousand Dollars, for the purpose of building a Jail and House of Correction, proposals will be received at this office for any portion of said loan, of not less than Five Hundred Dollars, up to Twenty Thousand Dollars. The loan is reimbursable by the County at the rate of Three Thousand Dollars in each and every year, commencing with the year 1871, and ending in 1890. Bonds 9f $500 each will be issued dated June 1st, 2869, bearing six per cent, interest, with coupons attached for semiannual interest, payable both principal and interest either in Bangor or Boston. This affords a fine opportunity foran investment whero the security is perfect.

AMBROSE C. FLINT, may 24 County Treasurer. RECEIVED YESTERDAY, (PER CAMBRIDGE), Brussells, Tapestry Wool CARPETINGS. ALSO 10.000 Rolls PAPERS. As a large portion of the above were purchased in the winter and paid for, they will be sold as low as can be found in or out of the State.

1A FEW Remnants Carpetings LEFT. TO BE SOLD CHEAP. STICKNEY ROBERTS. Bangor, April 23, 1869. sn REVEREHOUS BOSTON, MASS.

This noted Hotel has been thoroughly modernized. The house has been completely remodelled, painted, and newly furnish- ed. Suites of rooms for large and small families, -water, bathing-rooms, introduced, so that it now offers unsurpassed accommodations for travellers. The Revere has always been celebrated for its table and the attention paid its guests, and its high reputation in these particulars will be maintained. Mb.

Gardner Wetherbrk, late of theFifih Avenue Hotel, Now York, has become one of the proprietors, and will be pleased to welcome the travelling public at the above Hotel. WRISLEY, WEIHERBEE junc7 fniin Proprietors. rpO REMOVE MOTH PATCHES. FRECKLES JL and Tan from the face, use Perry's Moth and Freckbr Lotion. Sold by all druggists.

Prepared only by Dr. B. C. Perry. For black worms, and pimples on the FACE, use Pkbbys Comedonr and Pimple Remedy, prepared only by Dr B.

C. Perry, 49 Bond New York. Sold everywhere. The trade sup dlied by Wholesale Druggists. en3tawdwGmmch 6 Peabody Medical Institute, 2Co, T3xlfinc2i Street Opposite Revere House,) BOSTON THE Trustees of this Institution take pleasure in announcing that they havesecured the services ot the eminent and well known Dr.

A. H. HAYES, late Surgeon U. S. Army, Vice-President of Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Ac. This Institution now publishes the popular medical book entitled The Science of Lift or Self-Preservation. written by Dr. Hayes. It treats upon the Errors of Youth, Premature Decline of Manhood, Seminal Weakness, and all Diseases and Abuses of the Generative Organs.

Thirty thousand copies sold the last year. It is indeed a book for every man young men in particular. Price only $1.00. This Institute has just published tbe most perfect treatise of the kind ever offered the public, entitled Sexual Physiology of Woman, and her JJiseases. profusely illustrated with the very best engravings.

This book is also from the pen of Dr. Hayes. Among the various chapters may be mentioned, The Mystery of Life Beautiful Offspring, Beauty, its Value to Woman, Marriage, General Hygeine of Woman, Puberty, Change of Life, Excesses of the Married, Prevention to Conception, In beautiful French cloth, Turkey Morooo, full gilt, $30. Either of these books are sent by mail, securely sealed, postage paid, on receipt of price. The Peabody Journal of Health.

a first-class paper in every respect 8 pages, 32 columns, published on the first of February, and every month during the year. Subscription price per year only 50 cents. Specimen copies sent free to any address, on application to tbe Peabody Medical Institute. Albert U. Hayes, M.

D. Resident and Consulting Physician. N. B. Dr.

H. may be consulted in strictest confidence on all diseases requiring skill, secresy and experience. Inviolable Secresy andeertain Relief. January 20th, 1869. mavl6 sndawlv EXCURSION tickets AT Great Reduction of Fares! ONLY $20 to Chicago.

First Class, From Portland or Danville! Junction, via: Grand Trunk Railway AND PROPOKTIONABLY LOW FARES TO ALL POINTS WEST. Return Tickets. Portland to Chicago or Milwaukee and return, via Sarnia line steamers, (meals and state room included on steamer, 00 Portland to Chicago and return via White Mountains and Montreal, all rail $36 00 Portland to Detroit and return, all rail, 25 00 Portland to Niagara Falls and return, all rail 25 00 Portland to Montreal and return, all rail, 15 00 Portland to Quebeo and return, 17 00 Sufficient time given on these Tickets to allow part ies to mak the trip. Tickets on long tours are good to November 1st. For further particulars, apply at the office of WM.

FL0WEE3, Eastern Agt. 22 West Market Square. Bangor, Hay 18, 1869. Sanfords Independent Line. FOR BOSTON AND LOWELL.


Rich, will run alternately as follows Leave Bangor every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY, at 11a Hampden at 11.30 a interport at 12 and Bucksport at 12,30 P. for Boston, touohingat all the usual landings on the river and bay. Returning, will leave Boston for Bangor, and intermediate landings every Monday, Wednesday and Feibay afternoons at 5 oclock. Fare from 'Bangor Hampden, Winterport and Bucksport $4.00 Fare to Lowell (inclua ng hack fare in Boston), $5.00 No extra freight taken. Freight must be accompanied by Bill ot Lading in duplicate.

LOOMIS TAYLOR, Agent. Bangor, June 7 thT 1869. INSIDE ROUTE Portland, Boston, Intermediate Landings. The steamer CITY OF RICHMOND. Capt.

Dennison, will, on and vr ia, lKffnIDUR lie. OH IUU esday. April 14, 1869 Bangor for Portland every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRID AY morning, at 6 oclock, to aching at all the usual landings on the River and Bay. connecting in Portland with the 6 oclock Steamboat Expres Train, and azrivo in Boston at 10 oclock same evening. Returning, Will leave Rail Road Whart ft ot of State Street, Portland, same evenings at 10 eolock, or on arrival of Steamboat Express Train from Boston, touehing as above, ud arriving at Bangor about 10 oeloek next morning.

No extra Aomardou freight tnhem Bngo AprU3B6ft Dtm0(Jr1lt The President Satisfied with the Virginia Election. As stated in my dispatch this afternoon, Gov. Walker had an interview with the President today, which was entirely satisfactory. I iearn further from Mr. Walker that he received assurances that the President was gratified at the result of the election.

Mr. Walker said he hoped the administration would sustain the State government of Virginia in perfecting what had been so well begun. In reply tho President expressed himself in favor of encouraging, in every possible way, the only policy that could be of any possible avail iu the reconstruction of the South, viz An unlimited confidence in those who would merit it, as the people of Virginia certainly bad. It was clear to the President that tbe people of tbe Southern States must stand unequivocally on the platform which the issues of the war had made. Virginia it seemed was ready to do so, and he hoped a spirit of conciliation would spring up among her people.

In furthor conversation the President endorsed the sentiments of Gov. Walkers speech at Richmond; and the lat ter wanted it distinctly understood that he would be Governor of Virginia in fact as well as in name, and that he would not be swayed by any of the old ex-rebel politicians of the State but bo promised to carry out the policy upon which he conducted the canvass and was elected. Gov. Walker left to-nighi for his former home at Binghamp ton, N. Y.

TDispatch to Boston Journal. General Golcouria, the filibuster, who was taken on the Catharine Whiting, was brought before Commissioner Betts on Tuesday morning for examination. The principal witness against him was one French of Bridgeport, Connecticut, who testified to having been in the Cuban service, and that General Goicouria was there every day, and evidently had authority. He went once with Colonel Ryan to a store to purchase goods for the expedition, and found that General Goicouria had been there before them. The testimony of this witness was supplemented by that of the officers who arrested him on board tbe steamer.

The examination was postponed till Wednesday, the Commissioner declining to release the General on his personal recognizance. It was regarded a3 certain that the General would be released at the close of the examination, as tbe evidence to make a reasonable case for bolding him could not be obtained, altbough we presume no one questions that he was engaged in the offence with which he was charged. It is tated that both Col. Ryan and Col. Byron have been in New York Bince their escape from the capture which befell the rest of tbe ill-fated expedition.

The latter has been daily visited by his intimate friends, including Colonel Ryan, who is got up in a mar-vellous disguise. He has sacrificed bis long black hair and taken other measures to conceal bis identity. Tho experiment of building moderate houses for moderate means has been tried iu Montreal during the last year with good results. In tho year 1867 the necessity of increasing the number of houses of moderate reDt attracted tbe attention of gentlemen in-teres ted in the subject, and a building association was formed, chartered, and organized. The stock of the association was issued in shares of fifty dollars, payable one dollar a share per month, or in advance if tbe stockholders so preferred, interest being allowed on all advance payments.

Oa the first of July last year $75,000 of the stock had been taken, ground was chosen in a suitable situation, and eleven houses were built and sold and are now occupied. In building the houses the wishes of applicants are consulted the houses are sold at an advance of ten per cent, on the cost of land aDd buildings, to cover interest, insurance, and other expenses, while the housps are building and the payments with six per cent, interest are made in monthly or quarterly installments, extending over a period of ten years, or less at the option of the purchaser. The principle on which the association is based has been pronounced by competent actuaries one that affords ample security to stockholders, while at the same time it enables purchasers to obtain houses at much less cost than they could be built for separately, and upon terms of payment amounting to but little more than an annual rent. The working of tbe scheme is illustrated by the following figures, based upon an actual operation Cost of land, 20 1122240 feet, at 20c, house, complete, 10 per cent, added, 2,305 60 1,383 36 6 per cent, interest for 10 years, $3,688 96 which is to be paid in ten years by monthly sums of $30 75, or quarterly $92,25. Smaller and cheaper houses are built and Bold on the Bame principle.

Mr. W. A. Merry, the Secretary of the Association, writes that the result of the first operation is most satisfactory to the purchasers who would not otherwise have been able to obtain a suitable homestead for years to come and to the shareholders, who have had a dividend of eight per cent, on their paid-up capital for the first year. The applications for houses are numerous, and the field of operations is to be extended the coming year.


Wednes-aay. Evening, atJ73 oclock. Per order. J. BURBANK.

Secretary, Official. EPARTMENT OF STATE, 1 Washington, July 9th, 1869. Information has been received at this Depart ment from Mr. Edward Robinson, the Consul of the United States at Hamburg, of the death, in February, 1869. of Howard C.

Moore and Ciairbom a ouQg, both of Hampden, Maine. representatives of the deceased can obtain further information by addressing this Do partment. atfli Excursion THE GOOD TEMPLARS. And other Tsmpeianoe Oiguisationi, will hv an Excursion to Fort Point on THURSDAY NEXT, (July 15. All lfrUndly to

invited. Tim. of inly See a Woman In another column, picking crape, for Brata wni. It it an admirable article, md in hospitals and by foe firwt elaes families in Paris, London and New York, in preference to European and California Win, inn. snHThASat lyw Iy8 HARRIED In San Francisco.

July 1, at tho First Unitarian Church, by Rev. Chas. G. Ames, Charles E. Wilson, formerly of this city, and Carrie A.

Watson, formerly of Nantucket, Mass. DIED. In this city, July 12tb, Mr. John Hartnett, aged 40 years. Funeral this, Wednesday, afternoon, at 2)4 oclk.

from residence on Cumberland St. In Orrington, July 4th, Mr. Samuel Baker, aged 73 years. In Hampden, July 11th, Mr, Micajah Snow, aged 80 years. 3IARINE JOURNAL PORT OP is A GO R.

ARRIVED, TUESDAY. July 13th, Stmr Cambridge, Johnson, Bo2ten Stmr City of Richmond, Dennison, Portland Sch Highlander, Turner, Fall River Schs Midnight, Hopkins; Edward Frank, Cx, and Abigail, Ginn, Boston SAILED. July 13th Brigs Open Sea, Babbidge. Philadelphia: Ellen Maria, Smith, Belfast, to load for Charleston, SiC, by McConville; schs Ossnna, Haskell, Baltimore; Saxon, Hatch, and Cherub, Fletcher. New York; Nellie Carr, Lansif, Brooklyn; Richmond.

Cobb, Providence: Flight, Crow-dll, Norwalk; Cicero, Downs, Hartford; California, Wells, Salisbury; Canton, Donnel; el-lock, Frisbee, and Cushing, Torry. Boston: Columbia, Cook Plymouth: Boxer, Sutton. Danvers; Patriot, Lowell, and Sarah. Norwood, Rockland. Notice.

I AM selling very-low figures, CROCKERY, CHINA. GLASS, BRITANNIA, and all kinds of COMMOH WARE, FANCY GOODS, At the New Crocksry Store, No. 79 Exchange St. People in want of the above named Goods, will do well to examine my stock before purchasing. E.

C. SWEET. Bangor, July 13th. 1SC9. TIODS GEM 13 THE BEST Self-Sealing Fruit Jar, Out.

Warranted to give perfect satisfaction. Toucan get them at Wholesale or Retail at the ew Cgockery Store, o. 79 Exchange St. Please caU and examine them before purchasing elsewhere, E. C.

SWEET. Bangor, July 13th. 1869. dJfewdw Turks Island Salt. 17 nnn BUSHELS TURKS islafd salt.

I I.UUv cargo of tho brig Atlas, juat arrived. Now landing, and for sale by S. H. DALE Or WEED. WOODMAN A BERRY.

inly 13 For Rent. JteJ TWO SMALL TENEMENTS. Also JU Rooms and Saits of Rooms. Apply tot juTy 12. ALBERT nMERSON.

FOR BARGAINS IN BOOTS, IHOlSj Hats and Caps, GO TO ARNOLD SAWYERS, July 12 19 West Market Square, Bangor. New Goods Cheap, AT Stone. Samuel B. Jr Cos. NOT QUITE 500 BALES COTTONS.

1214 to 17 la 5.000 PIECES PRINTS, 10 to 15 cts 500 Pieces Scotch A American GINGHAMS. 2.000 Yards FRENCH MUSLINS. 2.000 Yard, FIGURED PIQUES, 2.000 Yards BLACK SILKS. 10,000 Yaids DRESS GOODS cheap. 3.000 Yards CRASH, 5.000 TOWELS.

1,500 HOOP SKIRTS, at 1.000 BALMORAL SKIRTS, at 2.000 NEW QUILTS very low. 1.000 LINEN HDKF8. 13 to oO ots 5.000 Yards BLACK ALPACAS, 30 cts np 500 NEW HAIR SWITCHES. 10,000 DOZEN SPOOL COTTONS. All of the above at low prices, and will be furnished as fast as wanted, bv July 10 2w BAML B.

STONE. A CO. 12 'A cU 12J4 to 62 cts 50 cts 75 cts For Sale, 6 TEAM HORSES. ALL IN GOOD CONDITION. C.

H. DENNETT. an gor. July 10th, 186-3. dlf COAT MAKERS WANTED, -BY- Wheelwright Clark, July 8.

lw The French Atlantic Cable. The special dispatch to the Boston Advertiser of the 12th says The Secretary 'of State to-day addressed a letter in duplicate to the French and English ministers here in regard to the new Atlantic cable now preparing to land in Massachusetts. Mr. Fish takes substantially the same ground as was taken by Attorney General Hoar in bis letter of four or five weeks ago, namely That while the cable may of course be landed, it cannot be pat into operation except by the consent of Congress. In view of these two letters, persons here are speculating as to the course the cable company will puisne.

Whether the government would interfere to prevent them from using the wire if they chose to take the risk of gettiDg the consent of Congress, is not known. Rochester Looking Up. Fourteen years ago a gentleman purchased in Rochester, N. an acre of land in the suburbs for $100. He has recently sold one ninth part of it for $300, twenty-sevon times the cost of the same, and can dispose of the balance at the same rates.

ThiB is due to the new Railroads being built in that vicinity. Reported Parricide at New Market, N. H. A correspondent writes The Boston Journal from New Market, N. that the man Crawford, of Lee, who was reported to have been shot and killed by his son, last Tuesday morning, at that place, is not dead.

It appears that there had been some boys firing off guns in the vicinity of Crawfords residence, whom he had fired upon from a window, hitting one of them in the leg, in which several shot were lodged. Our Informant says On Tuesday morning a dispute arose between Crawford and his son in regard to the time the boys bad been firing, when Crawford called his son a liar, and threatened to break a chair over his head, which the boy dared him to do, when Crawford struck him with one. Then the boy went to his room and got his revolver, and Crawford got an ax and tried to knock the boy down stairs, hitting him once near the shoulder, making a small wound, and was about to strike him again when the son shot him, first in the shoulder and then in the bowels, when the father was overpowered by a neighbor. Crawford (July 8) is still living, but in a eritical condition, and not likely to recover. He lays no blame to his son, and says the boy acted in self-defence.

Crawford was of a vary ungovernable temper, and has several times threatened his son, and the youth bad procured the revolver for defence of his life. Mr. Alexander Delmar has been writing a dreadfully long letter to the Secretary of tbe Treasury, blowing him up because, as be charges, a statement of the receipts and ex penses of the government has not been published as the law requires since Jane, 1866. Mr. Boatweil has replied to him that the balanoe sheet for tbe first quarter of this calendar year was duly printed early In but that he has nothing to do with Mr.

McCullochs failure to perform bia duty. The statement for the second quarter and tbe whole of the fiscal year Will be -publish, ed as soon as it can he made up, bat it mast be delayed until returns are received from all sections of the country. It may be looked for in about four weeks..

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