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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine • 2

Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine • 2

Bangor, Maine
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Fall and Winter Qo-S compp.n!N(j Every Fashionubl- il r1 Amoc wh 1 French, English anj ii Broadcloths, Dot-kin- Vestings and Punn-hing SATURDAY, 8EPT; 28. 1861. IE1 ClKCOLA'l'IOH or rmm sepa2S I I Sargent Davis. cot Iouob Use Prleowore at Richmond. LOCAL ihd maIME ITEMS.

The Phils delphia Inquirer of Tuesday, pob-1 lishes a list of the wounded, sick and prisoner. V. an prepared to Wecutejob of the federal troops, who are now held at Rich- 7 of wnarkaWy low priota and The list, were furnished by liberated I 6 nefctos nrxeon. of onr army, who arrived at Washing. 0te" ton Monday.

The following is given as the I tW Our Carriers are not allowed to sell papers list of prisoners belonging in'Maine: I on jir rout" 6 I for a lees time ban three months MeofordiW. 60 ts Per month. Tbc Natiosai, Fast Dai was more generally observed in this city than any of oar' Annual Fasts have been mnoe onr remembrance. Nearly all the stores and places of business were I oloeed for the entire day. JThe attendance at the I meetings was very much larger than Donnei-1 usual, and there was a general appreciation I the solemn character of the occasion.

I UnU rdiiou8 BerTlce8 (of all the societies I were held at Norombega in the forenoon, where 0 congregation was so great as to orowd every I part of that spaoious hall to its utmost capacity sond, W. 11 Severance, John. Reed, fdo.J I and many were obliged to go away without ob-Woodadn; ThlrdJohnMarston; Fourth, mining admission. The arrangements made by the delegations Privates L. R.

HasdilL Dover; T. H. Palmer, Mi-1 lo; O. W. Lord, Milo; R.

Emery, Meoford; W. J. Griffin. StoeAton; C. 8.

Morris. Deve-raux, I Ran-1 John' F. Jonathan Knight, do; Fifth, John Logan. E. B.

Fire and Fatal Aooident. At Fort Kent, on Saturday, Sept 14th, the house, barn and outbuildings of Peter Clare were entirely destroyed by fire. Loss about $5000. No insurance. After the fire Mr.

Clare descended into his well to clear out the rubbish, whioh had fallen into it daring the horning of the buildings; the air In the we'l was almost entirely exhausted, and it was filled with noxious gases, so that when Mr. C. reached the bottom he fell insensi ble. As soon as his condition was ascertained, another person, takiDg a rope with him started down tbe bidder but did not get more than half way down when he was overcome and fell to the bottom, striking his head against a rock with such force as to kill him instantly. They were both got out of the well after a great deal of ex ertion.

It was with difficulty that Mr. Clares life was restored. Pioneer. BT We learn that Geo. F.

Shapley, of Portland, is about to raise a regiment for Gen Butlers brigade, for special service. Gen. Butler arrived on the train Thursday afternoon, and was welcomed at the depot in this city by a large and most enthusiastic multitude. He stepped out upon the platform and made a few remarks in response to the hearty greetings of the people. Gen.

Butler addressed a mass meeting at Augusta on Thursday evening. Hallowell Gaz. iCT Musical Associst; Tu 'I Whig and Courier Id DOUBLE ThAt of any other Dally Paper in Maine, Xaat of Portland. Daily Established 1884 Weekly 1818. OF ADVERTISING: For oaa square, (amount of 13 llneo of this type.) I Windham; W.

B. Robertson, Bethel'; Lawrence Bari three Umesln the daily. $1 25 I sett, Brunswiek; John Willie, North Berwick; Jaok For eaeh week's eoottnsaoee, 0 60 r. For half square three times, 0 75 For one square in weekly, three times, 1 For eeoh weeks oontinuanoe, 0 96 special notices: jg. eor; U.

Ciewlsy, Bradley; A. Bailey Bangor, nfinC. F0; wi, lUtoniHA'Bi'wah burn, Bangor; Ho-aoe K. HaakiU, tierge W. Roheruonftethel; LanSffla CnneliyJUoraoe' Pratt! Frankfort; Tr Jran Portland John Cony, W.

8. Robinson, Sumner; Mi. Isle; A H. Eipragne, St. Albans; Third, Morrow; Fourth.

C. R. Brookins. Joseph O. Castine; W.

J. North Castine; J. D. Perkins, Brooks; J. Kin 1 Millet, Mason, gart, Banenr; James Banks, 's.

D. Tiatea, Lincoln; J. J. Spaniding, K. P.

Hansoom, H. 8. Perkins, Rorcmotga POET OP BASSO K. ARRIVED. WEDNESDAY, Sept.

2Jlh. Sch Charter Oak, Botler, Essex Laarana, Homer, Bncksport Mary Fraoeis. Barber, Orlaod Rough Ready, Achorn, Waldoboro Orient, Kench; Hattea Annah, Orcutt, Brook svi lie 8chs Myers. Smith, Orrington Abby ft eld, Hutchings, Salem THUR8DAY, 6ept 26. Brig Isabella Benrinauru, Tams, New York Harp, Haynes, New Bedfprd Schs Oneco Post, South Thomaston A beona, Dexter; Velocity, Cousins; Busan Francis, Currier, Boston bchs Helena.

Harris, Tpswich Santa Maria, Freeport Ann Parker, Wells. Wells Mary Elita, Ryder, Province town John Patten, Doane, Hampden David Crockett, Donnell. York Elizabeth, tiray, Belfast Tahmiroo, Johnson, New Bedford Dunham, Bath A EeHs, Norwood; Nicanor. Parker, NY Ruth Thomas, (new) Perkins, Brouksviile Rowena fthar Harwich Reaper, Parker, Gloucester Boston, HA8keU, St ueorge FRIDAY, Sept. 27th.

Brig Howard, Carl, Matanzas Schs BLaisdell, New York Banner, Lawrence. Jersey City Belle Creole. Cyusins, Stockton Iowa, Low, Boston CLEARED. 2Gth Bark Volunteer, Gorham, Tortugas; Brifi Lyra, Gray, New York; Bchs Lebanon, Creamer, Boston; Pavilion, Arey, do; Challenge, Bullock balem; Sarah Buck, fcagley. Bel ast; John ft right, Clark, Hartlord; James BiiaS, Hatch, Newport 27th Schs Elias Dudley, Shea, Fall River; Gold Hun er, Ware, Saugus; Canton.

Martin, Lon; John Frank, Bickford, Salisbury; Sip New lork. Day, Gloucester. 4 r. 7 CL $8-00 per sqnare for Orst week Sl.OO per square for oontinuanoe. and continue FuUR DAI u-.

Profewor WILLHil e. BEi.D fr vea The Trustees and aneee tliat tbe petpte .4 r. mty for meet ng a i m. fir the improvement vf t-j unmot' in tbe dliLi. j.

a Mcsic Festival within tl ability ot one of tbe mo-t I' ation On Wdntday AO. by the President, A n. v. fTichets to the and Concerts. One Becretarv, Hammond -t.

4 be made to Mr. Bangor. Aug. 23. 1 -'i 1 I Column Advertisements Inserted at the rate of tSpedai Notices.

Advertisements, where the time of insertion is I Una1 Syen TWrlfct'c bwPak- found to hiWJ appropriate and suitable etnei wise a I er Pulsbury, Joseph Gressy, 0. H. Bredin. C. Her-1 to the occasion.

The audience remained about rick. J. H. Welch, John Sawyer, Albert Foss, Martin Foes, Jomph Morgan, Howard Crosby, tw0 honrs and a half, deeply interested and or- I Taber, John Jooes, Bergeaot Morrison, Robert Chap-1 derly till the benediction was pronounced. The I man; Second regiment, A.

S. Clearer, H. M. Blais- I delta. I exercises were deeply impressive, and the most The following from this State are reported I solemn feeling of onr dependence upon God, as among the wonnded: I nation, was felt in every breast.

Joseph Speed, Second Maine, shot through thigh; Af a quarter past 10 the Mayor called the J.iitoore1,erondMae7le'ftrigm d- Pi Iafge assemblage to order, and invited Rev. Dr The following are reported as in one of the Pohd of the Seminary, to conduct the exercises. hospitals at ichmond: I He made some prefatory remarks suitable to D. B. Wood, Hebron; Arthur D.

Matthews, Fourth; I the occasion, and invited the audience to join in Albert C. Ballard, Third; D. B. Mason, Second; I nl Louis Willard, Second; Charles Preston, Tnird. Singing the following Hymn Tula Sicilian Hymn.

Selections from Vanity Fair From our Contraband Contributor. The gait to be avoided by our cavalry De Canter. Much needed in our Government Offices more light than is afforded by red tapers. Apology on the new tariff on liquors In great emergencies the heaviest duties are generally assigned to the ardent. A Con.

from the Far East. Q. What is the difference between the Persian Gulf and the Desert of Arabia? A. The Persian Gulf is said to be haunted by Mermaids, but there are Nomades in the Deserts of Arabia. Enlistment for Maine Res 2d iment! SPECIAL NOTICES.

Cavalry Notice. Twenty-four Buglers. 24 Farriers and Blacksmiths, 12 Sadlers, and 12 Wagoners will be enlisted at tbe State House, Augusta, by the subscriber, for the Maine Cavalry Regiments. Immediate application should be made. JOHN GODDARD, colonel.

bept.23, 1S61. i Cavalry Horses Wanted. From 20 to 60 HORSES wUl be pu chased, for the Cavalry iBervice, at Wtton in the li'ounty of Aroostook, on MONDAY, the 7th day of October next, at lu oclock A M. A like number at Moulton, on TUESDAY, tbe 8th, at the same hour of the da'. A like number at Eort Fairfield 'on THURS-j DAY, the luth, at same hour.

A like number at Presque Isle on FRIDAY, the llth, at same hour. A like number at Ashland on SATURDAY, the 12th, at same hour. I A like number at Patten on MONDAY, the 14th, at same hour. A like number at Lincoln on WEDNESDAY, the 16th, at same hour. The Horses must be sound ia all particulars, from 15 16 bands high, not les thao 5 nor more than 9 years old color to be bays, brow us, Blacks Son els good square trotters, hr.

dle-wise, and of size sufficient lor the purpose above named. A small proportion of Gray aod Mares wiU be purchased. The Horses will be purchase I by BENJAMIN P. GILMAN and LBEN WOODBURY, Eiqrs. John lioDsDoN, Acting quartermaster General.

Augusta, Sept. 27, (Bangor papers and Aroostook Times eopy) TANTED the 2d Maine Re l. three years, un The Resrnneiit i the healthiest i.xru der wy a The pay i- ter are a uo need, men bi.e the end will be paid Recnutiuj Thk People's Loak. The contribution to I the loan at the Hartford, Bank for five days, was $125,000. The State Bank has taken $90,000, and the Phoenix Bank $260,000, and the Life Insurance ompany is said to have gone I in for $100,000, and Coh Samuel Colt for a similar amount.

The Mercantile Bank subscribes for the iEltna Conn. River Banking Company, George P. Bisell Bankers, Exchange Bank $90-000; Hartford County Bank $15,000. The amonnt taken by individuals in New I York, Philadelphia and Boston, np to Tnesday last, was as follows: In New York, $10,660,000 In Philadelphia, 2,290,000 In Boston, 2,552,000 Dread Jehovah God of Nations -From thy temple in the skies. Hear thy peoples supplications Now for their delirerance rise.

Lo with deep contrition turning, Humbly at thy lent we bend Hear ns, fasting, praying, mourning. Hear ns, spare ns, and defend Prof Smith, of the Seminary, then read portion of the 9th obapter of the Book of Daniel. Rev. Mr. Cnrtis, Methodist, addressed the Throne of Grace.

The following Hymn was then sang: Tuite Dundee. Lord, thoa hast scourged onr guilty land Behold, thy people mourn Shall vengeanoe ever guide thy hand. And mercy neer return I Onr nation trembles at thy stroke. And oreads thy lifted hand heal thy people thou hast broke. And spare onr guilty land.

Grit is stated that Quartermatter Lord, the Seoond Maine Regiment, has resigned and obtained his discharge, and that his plaoe filled by S. W. Hoskins, of Oldtown. Also that Quartermaster Strickland of the Maine has resigned. Noble Generositt.

The soldiers in six com panies of the 9th Regiment, with the members or the band, contributed the sum of $188 for the relief the widow of their comrade, E. H. Owen, who was unfortunately drowned at An gusta last week. Gen. Butler in Portland.

Major Gen, Benj. F. Butler arrived in this city yesteiday noon, and took lodgings at the Prei ie House. In the afternoon he was called upon by many of our citizens, and, at the request of the Mayor and many others, concluded to meet our fellow citizens at the new City Hall at 74 oclock the evening. Long before the time had arrived the spacious hall was as densely packed with human beings as it could be, and all the ante-rooms were filled, It was the largest convocation of -people we have ever seen in Portland.

Gen. Butler was introduced to tbe audience by His Honor Mayor Thomas, in a few felici-tious remarks, and was received with storms of applanse, the band playing TbeStar Spangled Banner. In response to calls from tbe vast au dience be addressed them for half an hour. He said that by the kind favor of the Governor of tnis State he hoped to raise more th in one reg iment in this State, to be devoted to special and specific service, and it was the men of business the mechanic and lumbermen that hi wanted to join him. Portland Jlrtpi.

An Incident. Mr. Editor As I was walk ing with a friend through the camp of the 9th Regiment at Augusta, the day before its departure, I noticed an elderly man besnDg a little child of a few months old in his arms, and ac, companied by a young, sad looking woman, of some two or three and twenty years. The elderly man was probably the grandfather of the child, and the youDg woman the mother and tbey were htsre to take their last leave of the fether and husband who is a soldier. I saw no more of them until after the Regi meat bad left, when I met tbe same group in the Hall of the Augusta House, just ready to leave for their home.

Having a cariosity to know if my surmises of the day previous were correct, I en.ered into a conversation with the man and learned the following faets: The man appeare I to be one of the respects, ble class of small farmers. He lives in the town of Sumner, and as I had correctly surmised, sustained the relation of grandfather to the child, and with the daughter-in-law was here to take leave of the son wly had gone with the Regiment. He told me this was the fourth and last of his sous who had enlisted. Such facts as this are cheering indications, and while our hone hardy fathers and moth era are willing and ready to give up the last son to serve his country, and assume the care and expense of their families, we need not despair of the cause of liberty and right. Ttis is, to be sure a simple incident, but one of much significance.

F. Penobscot Musical Association. The fourteenth annual session of this Association commences next Tuesday, OcL in charge of Prof. William B. Bradbury, of New York.

One dollar will admit to the four days session morning, afternoon and evening including the Concerts. See notice in another column. fcifMr. R. V.

Perkins of Rockland, was severely injured in one of his hips by jumping from a wago-j on the Thomaston road. Another person was attempting to drive by him and crowded his horse out of the road. fcIhe Portland Advertiser and other papers call upon ns to give the names ot the persons alluded to by us as be! eved to have tampered with men of our Maine regiments for the purpose of producing mutiny. The Advertiser must be verdant to suppose that we should do aDy such thing. When the government has proof enough, to convict the gentlemen they will probably hear, of something to their disad vantage.

The Mutiny in the Fourth Regiment. The Belfast Age has the following facts from Capt. Bean: When called out for parade one hundred and three refused to do duty. They comprised a large portion of Capts. Burns and Carvers companies of Rocklaad, and a considerable number of Capt.

Smith's Wise asset company, also about twenty from Capt. Cunningham's company, and three from the Sears port company. The mutiny arose from a supposition that tbe regiment were only three months men on account of some informality in musteriDg them into service. Nineteen of Cunningham's com any who did not openly revolt but who had signed a papei promising to do so, at the instigation of U7 ..11, a i i to aay State Dailies are requested to copy two weeks. To the Afflcted with Deafness.

I have this day been made almost a new man, by an operation by Dr. Lighthill, which restored to me my hearing, of whioh I have been deprived for nearly 17 ears My deafness came on gradually. am 54 years of age, and reside in Winterport JOHN J. THOMPSON. Bangor, Sept.

25, 1861. Pensions I Pensions PENSIONS and BOUNTIES for Soldiers of the present war their widows or heirs, obtained by geo. t. moody; sept2S 3tawtf Larra bees Block. septal In Peace or War, on land or sea, Onr flag, the mgis of the free.

Bright emblem of Colombia's glory I Shall tell to coming years the story. Bow, stout of heart, and strong of hand. The patriots of our native land Bore it, the nations'hope and life. On tented field, mid fearful strife. Still on! till through the sulphurous cloud It broke in triumph.

Treasons shroud Somethin? to be Considered. In the contest whioh the Government is now waging to preserve the Union and the liberties of the people, not the least among the obstacles which it has to meet is the epirit of impatienoe manifested under apparent reverses, and a disposition on the part of many to censure onr officers without a knowledge of all the facts, and to draw desponding conclusions in regard to the prospects of the war. Many loyal newspapers and individuals are every day doing damage to the cause, by indulging in this fault finding disposition for to the extent of their influence they are impairing the confidence of the people in their Government and their leaders, and to that extent diminishing the necessary support which the Government mast have from the peo- aj-NEW Fl PATAPbCO Call re Piau a L. Ohio and ai.a Choice hrati'is Extra state an. and for sate low 7 $15,502,000 Total, Sharp Shooters Notice.

Then shall onr load and grateful voice Proclaim onr guardian Hod, The nations round the earth rejoice, And sonnd thy praise abroad. Volunteer RECRUITSW ANTED sepu-6 Those wishing to engage in the company of Sharp fhooters cow heing formed in this Mate, will be examined by J. J. Portiaud. I JACOB AlcCLL RE.

BockHnd. or K. R. FOR THE CAVALRY REGIMENT. ifhedLSiiirl but able bodied men need appU and none who cannot.

when shooting at feet at a distance of two huu Sound, able bodied men, between theagescflS and 35, not less than 0 How to Make Dresses Uninflammable. The late fetal accident which caused the death of the lamented wife of Professor Longfellow, the death of the wife of a London Physician in al most precisely the same manner, and the very of the Nation, nd in particular the sin against recent heart-rending accident to the Gale sisters I the black man. Rev. Mr. Battles, Universalist, then spok about 10 minutes, taking for his topic, the Sins BBLS Or'r I fret sept-20 E.

B. x'attcH, 61 -1 and. others of the ballet cirps, at tne Continental Theater at Philadelphia, mast have impressed upon the public mind the necessity of caution to prevent the frequently recurring and pie. No conductor of a newspaper should suffer I distressing accidents of this nature. The Scien.

weighing 125, nor more than DO wifi be accept'd. No others need oppiy Recruits will be subjected to a rigid medical examination, before enlistment; S. W. THAXTER, Recruiting Officer, Exchange Block, corner State and Exchange Sts septiO City of Bangor. The Regular Meetings of the Joint Standing Con I mittee on Accounts and Claims will be holden at the I Aldermens Room, City Hall, on FRIDAY before the first Monday of each month, at 2 oclock P.

M. CHARLES SAWTELLE, Chairman. April 29, 1S61 tf (Times) dred yards, put ten consecutive shut-in a target, the average instance not to exceed five inches in the centre of tbe bull's eye to ie centre ol the hall, which is very easy to do with such r.iies as are the test. Suffice at C. V.

RAMSDELL'S. No 3 Harlow street, Bangor. R. PaRK, Sept 25 2w 8New Codfish, IN LOTS TO SUIT. -r nn QTLS.

PRIME LARGE CODFISH, f.r tJ.L.V sale on hoard sch. Louis Urcutt. We! A A A few kej; Fre-L 3. Fatten, sept26 iv Stream, near the Briuc. side Kenduskeag Sept, 25 tf cL S.

P. Bradbury C- it, tifio American of the present week again urges lhe necessity of such precautions upon the attention of the public, and reprints the following method of preparing ladies inflammable dresses to render them safe against such accidents. We commend it to attention: The chemicals to be used are the tunsgate of soda and the sulphate of ammonia. Carbonate of magnesia and common alum will answer, but the first two are said to be the best. One part of these salts dissolved in ten parts of water is about the strength of the solution required.

The salt may be mixed with the starch, or after the dresses are starched and dried in the atmosphere they may be thoroughly and uniformly moistened with it, and then dried and ironed. In several of the great bleaching works in Great Britain, the muslin in pieces is now rendered uninflammable by the application of these chemi-1 cals. PICKED UP schr. Mirror, off Cape Cod. oa tl.e ins: a Sloop Bo about feet 5

2 deep. The owner can hue ciing od R. B. TYLER, proving prpern j.z.1 charges. ft interport, Sept.

27, l-ol avjw' Stillwater Bridge Corporation. Undertakers Notice. The subscriber would inform tbe public that the Mayor and Aldermen have appointed him Under- taker for tbe City of Bangor, and that he has eu- ed upon tbe duties of office. All orders left ac his residence, ffo. 70 Essex Street or at his work-shop on French et or at E.

H. Tebbetts Coffin Ware Kooms, East Market Square, i will be promptjy attended to. septrMsn WILLIAM S. MITCHELL. CKNOA LEDGE th.

dX recti red. au loyaity to our rounty. to -L Lpn Alwa haul ur Sh Square, or ma le 2TA C. SflEPLEY i a 3 tf jiao at: E-: M-riS THE Stockholders io the poration are hereby S'iilwater Bridge C.r-tified that taeir aanuul uaegur. meeting fr the choice of officers wul be heid at tae office of Eoen Webster, in Urono, on Alu.N DAY, the i A T.L 1 17.

i jVc 14ih day of Octooer next, at 2 o'clock P. and IA Rev. Mr. Tarbox, Freewill Baptist, then offered prayer. The audience sang the following Hymn: Tune Hamburg.

Lord, when thine ancient people cried. Oppressed and bound by topts king. Then didst Arabias sea divide. And forth thy feinting Israel bring. Lo in these latter days, onr land Groans with the anguish of the slave Lord God of Hosts stretch forth thy hand, Not shortened that it cannot save.

Roll back the swelling tide of sin The last of gain, toe lust of power The day of freedom usher in How long delays th appointed hour Rev. Dr. Tefft, Metbolist, addressed the dience npon the present rebellion, contending that every attribute of God was in favor of the war to suppress the rebellion. Rev. Dr.

Shepard, of the Seminary then led in prayer. Appropriate and fervent remarks followed from Rev. Mr. Gilman, of the 1st Parish. Prayer by Rev.

Mr. Everett, Unitarian. Tune Marlow. I At.aLt CToLLR- sc ATTENTION! CaVailry 2 Sound, Able-Bodied Men Wanted, Between tho ages of 18 and 35 weighing not less than 125, nor more than 170 pounds. Company to be one of a Battalion being raised in this State to join a Brigade already accepted by GENTLEMAN.

Liir pr- cal aT' stances, wi-lie tn c-rre j- Government. himself to publish comments which will dishearten his readers or impair their confi-deDoe. nor to copy matter of that character from any source unless it be current news of the day as to fects occurring. We lay down this rule In its broadest and fullest sense, and intend to abide by it. If snybiug appears in onr columns at this cris's which may tend to the discouragement of our soldiers or of the people at large, or which shall induce tnem to think that the war is improperly or inefficiently conducted, it will be by accident or because it did not meet the eye of the editor.

The defence of the Union is in the hands of the constituted authorities, and wears willing to leave it there. They should have they muet have the cordial ard united support of the people, or we shall fail in subduing this gigantic Our resources in money and in men are abundant for the purpose but the extent to which they are provided depends materially upon the confidence which is felt. If the cause is made to appear doubtful, money will not be so freely furnished, nor will men so freely enlist. It is therefore not the part of a sincere patriot to let his voice be heard in censorions or disponding tones. If he has such feelings, let him keep them to himself.

A single desponding remaik made at the corners of the streets may fell upon the ears of men who will report it in the country as the general sentiment ofthe city.and thus do incalculable mischief, when in feet the opinion of intelligent men is that the Union cause gaios strength and its general prospects brighten every day. We say, then, toevery Union man: Dont talk as if you were frightened. Dont say that General Fremont or any other General has failed in his management, or that the cause is losing ground in his department. If it be so, it will do no good for you to declare it. Let the Government investigate all such matters and take such measures as the public interest may required.

This we msy properly demand. and affecriouate of age Ail letter- szr box 20, Dexter, Me. GEO. M. BROWN, Recruiting Officer, No.

11 Granite Block. i for the transaction cf any other properly before them. P. TREAT, Clerk Orono, bept. 1561.

9lw Eastern Bank. Bangor, Sept 2th. 1561. THE Stockholders of the I-astern bank are hereby notified to meet at Uctor, 14th. pr xiao, at 2 o'clock P.

fi-r the purpose ot choos.tig a board of Director, lor the ensuing ear and lor the ol anv other business which may properl cme before the meeting. ft MILLS, Cashier. MERCHANTS BANK. THE Stockholders of this Bank are hereby notified that the Annual Meeting for toe choice of a Board of D. rectors for the eouiog jear.

and the transact ion of any other business that may legally come before them, wul lie held at their Bankia Room on TH the luth of October next, at 3 oclock M. T. Cashier. Bangor, Sept 27, 1 561. Bangor Bridge sept23 dAwtf IMPORTANT TO SOLDIERS IN THE PRESENT WAR.

Caste in the Rebel Army. The Richmond Examiner of August 30, has the following un- I varnished account of the aristocratic bearing of the officers in Beauregards army They were officered by a est Point Captain I and all their officers were gentlemen of refined I culture, wbo kept tbeir own servants, their own I tables, and ignored as much a possible the exis fence of the men when off dnty. A few deserted more would, bad they dared I disaffection with the service wag general. Treated worse than any negro slaves, they laid among if the South whips, we die; the non-slaveholding whites will get nothing I by it. They said muoh mire than this, for they were virtually abolitionized by their position.

The company, which.contaioed a fair proportion of intelligence and manhood, sobmitted I passively to the privations above mentioned with-1 in hail of their own homes. What, then, can remarks, giving the true spiritual idea of be expected of soldiers far away from home 1 The experience of this company ia still very favorable, ofi the whole, as compared with a Lord, our fethers oft have told In onr attentive ears. Thy wonders in their days performed. And in more ancient years. Twu not their cenrage nor their sword To them salvation ive Twu not their number nor their strength That did their country save.

But thy right hand thy powerful arm. Whose succor tbey implored Tb providence protected them, Who tny great name aaored. As thee, their God, oar fathers owned, 8o thoa art still onr Kir.g Oh, thou didst to them, To ns deliverance bring. To thee the glory well ascribe. From whom salvation eame In God, our shield, we will rejoice.

And ever bless thy name Rev. Mr. Small, of the 1st Baptist, made the I the observance of the day. Prayer by Eev. Mr.

Porter, 2d Baptist. THE Myckrvi4vr? a. hriti ejTt i arc Annual Meeting w4i .1 ia Eaiig r. i UEdaY. next, at inti of officers, and t- tran- may property Come 0: Bangor.

Sept. 1 I I Sugar House- QQ B3LS. Superiors. 1 PENSIOI78, ARREARS OP PAY, HALF Fay and tiounty Mosey, secured by 23. DEH Mace, General Airect, ftest Market Square, Bangor, Me.

Pensions, for all Soldiers wonnded or in ured in way, while enaed in the present War against Rebellion Half-Pay Pensions for the Widows or Minor Children, of those killed in battle, or who die from wounds received, or disease contracted in the service. County of for the Widows or Minor Children above mentioned, or to the heirs of de-j ceased soldiers. Pensions will commence from the date of comuletion of proof jfAU communications by mail, triving tne particulars, promptly an swered. Let all see how the Government provides for ket deendrrs. septlS.

sndw septic Bank of the State of Maine. THE btnckholders of the Bank of the State of Maine are hereby notified that their Annual Meeting for the cbmee of Directors and the transaction of an other business will be held at their banking Room in Bang jr, on SATURDAY, the 12th day ot October next, at 10 oclock A. W. DENNETT, Cashier. Bangor, Sept 27th, I5ol.

For A SILVER IUK2LER, great many others ire could name. The Yeazie Bank, of Bangor. THE Stockholders of the Veazie Bank of Bangor are hereby notified that their Annual Meeting for tne choice of Directors, and the transaction of any other business that may lesaliy come before them, will be held at eir banking Room on FRIDAY, tbe (1th day of Octooer next, at 3 o'clock P.M. Per order. W.

J. LORD, Cashier. Sept 27, tool. COAL OOAIs. Constantly on hand, and for sale at the lowest paices, superior Lfe-HIGH, WHITE RED ASH COALS.

Our arrangements for the supply of Coals are snob that we feel ture of receiving none but the BEST qualities. 1 Orders left with Messrs. J. A G. FATHAWAY, or at onr office, will be promptly attended to.

Also, SMITHS COAL fr sale a usual. JylO B. B. FARNSWORTH CO-, Broad Street. owner can rau t.

applying No. 8 Main Street eept2l -t CTOBER Harper'. i I Ion's, and Leslie's 520 Agbs or the States. The following chronological table which we take from an exchange, may be intereating to our readers at the present crisis: Settlement.

1607 Virginia, by the Bngliah. 1613 New York, by tbe Hutch. 1620 Maaaaebueetts, by tbe Puritans. 1624 New Jersey, oy the Dutch. 1628 Delaware, by tbe Swede and Fin.

1635 Maryland, by the Irish Catholic. 1638 hode Island, by Roger Williams. 1639 North Carolina, by the English. 1670 South Carolina, by the English. 1682 Pennsylvania, by William Penn.

1732 Ge irgia, by Oglethorpe. Admitted into the Union. 1792 Vermont. 1836 Michigan. Dissolution.

THE Co partnership heretofore existing between the 8Uoscnbeis, is this day dissolved by mutual Consent. Demands will be settled by either party. J. E'C'HAPMaN. S.

B. FIF1KLD. Bangor, Aug. 13, 1861. septtS 3w OCTOBER BaUvu's DtU-r septl2 A CAVALRY SA WAS GATTS DANCING ACADEMY! Will be opened for the season on WEDNESDAY, tho 18th Inst.

Classes will commence For Juvenile at 3 o'clock in tbe Afternoon. For Ladies, at 7 eeock io the Evening. For Gents, at 9 oclock ia the Evening. septi4 sq2w (Times) NEW STOCK CLOTHING! THE Subscriber has taken the Store on Exchange Street, next to Guild's Diug Store, and has chased an one alker, were received back into the com-psny. Walker was marched off with the rest of the mutineers.

gn'ence of the revoltera is that tbey be separated and distributed into other regiments, and that all them shall be disabled from any promotion even to tbe place of corporal. The regiment bai since been paid off, and order and contentment is again restored. Fiees. Tbe house, barn and outbuildings of James Gallagher in Wbitefield were burnt on Wednesday night the llth, loss some $1200. Also John Murphey's barn, with some 80 tons of hay, loss some $500.

Both supposed to be incendiary. Also the barn of Wm. Hodges, loss $200. Child Desertion. A woman, yesterday, stealth ly left a cbilJ in the Ladies Department at the Grand Trunk Depot, in this city It is a boy of about two an 1 a half yean old, and a bright, handsome child.

It oan lisp words, as Mamma gone in tbe cars, but cannot tell bis, name. Tbe clothes were abundant and good. The Overseers of the Poor hare tbe little ieilvw in charge. Portland jidv. E7The company from Aroostook, under com-pi and or Capt.

West, which left here on Wednesday last by the steamer Daniel Webster, has been attached to the First Regiment, in Portland. Yjf An Artillery Company has been organized in Farmington, of whioh E. F. Pillsbury, of tbe Patriot, is Capt tin. The eleventh Regiment of Yolantem for which recruits are now enlisting, will go at once into camp in this city, und command of Col.

J. C. Caldwell of East Machias. Ken. Journal'.

Meters. Wheeler A Lynde: Gentlemen, At an -election of officers of the Spiagfteid Volunteers, Leonard S. Harvey was shosen Captainj John Stan wood, 1st LienL; Gibeou 2ji Liekt Jamas W. Noyes, 8d Lieut. The company new number 65 able-bodied men." OS I I -Springfield, Sept.

26. The closing hymn was then song: Tube America. God bless our native laud Firm may she ever stand, Chrough storm and night When the wild tempests rare, Ruler of winds and wave. Do thou onr Country save, By thy great might. For her our prayer shall rise To God, above the skies On him we wait Thou who art ever nigh.

Guarding with watehlul eye. To thee aloud we cry, God save the btate The meeting closed with a benediction by Dr. Pond. In the afternoon meetings were held in several of tho churches and were well attended, in whioh the interest oontinoed without diminution. IT- Buglers, farriers.

Blacksmiths, sadlers and wagoners are wanted to enlist at Augusta for the cavalry regiment. See Special Union Club Wsu-d Three. There will be a meeting of the Third Ward Union Club, at the school house on Union Street between Third and Fourth Streets, this evening. A punctual attendance is Cavaut Houses. Attention is called to the advertisement of tbe Adjutant General, of the purchase of horses at various points in Aroostook Coanty, and at Patten and Lincoln on certain days daring the next two or three weeks.

A Missieo Mae Tcmkd Capt. Isaac N. Harriman of Searaport, advertised as missing at Portland, a week ago, baa sines arrived at kis bis bom: la a sloW1 sailing schooner by which he took passage instead of by' railroad as 1816 Arkansas. 1845 Florida. 184i Texas, 1846 lowa-1848 Wisconsin.

1 860 Un lilbrnia. 1 868 Min nesots. 1868 Oregon. 1861 Kansas. 1 792 Ken tuoky.

179b' Tennessee. 18 2 Ohio. 1811 Louisiana. 1816 Indiana. 1816 Mississippi.

1818 Illinois. 1819 Alabama. 1820 Maine. 1822 Missouri. Entire Stock New of The Madawaska District.

We are informed by a letter from Fort Kent that Abraham Do-four, elected representative ia that distrust, was not nominat' by the Republicans as heretofore ststed, but was the candidate of the Frenoh settlers, and supported as an anti-war mail. That timid and nneducated people have been easily alarmed about the war, by a few designing men, and made to believe that they will be sent to the army and as they far outnumber tbs native Americans on the Madawaska, they were able to secure the election of an anti-war man by a plurality. The Union men of the district had no less than three candidates, we believe two Republican and one Democrat. A Feast Spoiled. On Saturday last, says the Louisville Journal, the Secession ists held a grand barbecue at Simpsonvllle, in the oounty of Shelby, whereat the Seoeeaionists of the surrounding oounties assembled in large numbers, inolnding a company of cavalry and two or three companies of Infantry.

Time rolled on. A fine dinner was spread in a grove, and the fins assemblage, dashed gaily with the trappings of war, were on the point of Bitting down or standing to tho sumptuous viands, when, lo! the word earn that Roaseau and his men were marching upon tbs place, at which annoonoMneot the gal-lent throag, cavalry, infantry and alt, took to their basis and kept to them vigorously until the hindmoat was safely lodged at home. The stampede is said to have exootded anything and everything of the sort ever witnessed before on this aids of tbs Aiiagfrsni A I In this city, 8ept. 26th, by Rev Everett, Jonathan C. f'iylor.

Esq of this oity, to Mrs. Ann Godfrey, of Brewer. In WInterport, 8ept 24, by Rev. W. T.

Jewell, Mr. Wu.i.iau II Sattius, of Bangor, to Miss Addis If. Kama, daughter of Hon. O. Kaler, of Winter-poit.

In Orono. Sept 25th, by Rev D. C. Litchfield, ol Oldtowo, Mr L. Tilton and Miss Ann E.

Fat-tea, both of Charleston. Incai Lumber Ear. An immense raft of lumber has been floated down the St. Lawrence to tbe Welland Canal. It is valued at $68,000 at tbe Welland Canal, and at Quebec will be worth from $75,000 to $80,000.

It is 1,600 feel long by 65 wide, and contains 180,000 cn-feet of square timber. It is tbe Norway or red pine. From Quebec it is to be shipped to Liverpool. i TO THE JlKCl'K! Volunteers arc- Wautea, IMMEDIATELY, for the tit a r. forming.

AMe-MuU i of age, of good hait, a5 subeiatecce commeccffe th Now is the tnot t. patriotic men of Maine ft arm of the service A BOUNTY Will be paid each faithful tsl lt term of service. CHARLES S. BOSSY. Office in Exchange Blixk, Corner -a and Exchange Streets.

$oit- Ready Made Clothing, Cloths and Furnishing Goods, Which be is prepared to sell at War Prices to Suit the Times. My stock is new and fresh, and will be sold Ibr Cask only, as cheap, if not oheaper, than old goods can be bought at any other Store. S. B. FIFIELD.

sept28 3m died: In this city. Sept 25th. WiaLiu, son of (ed 3 months and 26 days. O. Bragg, afp R.

and 8 In Orono, (Sept 22, Mrs. Joan K. W. tt 37 years. At his father's residence.

In Orrington, the 22d Rollins, wife of CAVAIAY TACTICS for sale by ALONZO BARTLETT, The New StraJuta Eooxomy. A magnificent collection of mounted diamonds, the property of tbe late Sultan, are now on exhibition and tor sale bt London. -T 23 West Market Square 2 Barnes Niokeraoo. ajred twenty-eight years. Thus is eoektv deprived ti a worthy eifcisen, and a large circle of iriaxUs and acquaintances oaned to mourn the loss of one who to know was tq love 1 i Mr.

and Mrs Nickerson and fltmiljc tender their most grateful acknowledgments to tbe Bangor friends of the the dee jor tne deep seltoitnda and ST. LOUIS DOUBLE EXTRA FLOUR- 10Q BBIA for safe lowhv al9 Exchange Lost. ON tha evening of 24th Inst, between WInterport and Bangor, a- Loag Bar Btate Shawl. The I finder will please leave it at this offio and reoeiv sympathy manifested in this afflleuv dispensation I a reward, of Dlvln Provide nee. Mpt 26 2t About one hundred member of the police force of London have formed themselves Into a mus csl band, and are giving public -coneert weekly ia one of the.

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